Make adaptive test pages available as a criterion to filter and segment with

It would be really useful if a form conversion on an adaptive page variation was available as an option when creating list criteria for contacts or enrollment trigger criteria. It would be particularly for the purposes of:

  • setting and appending particular custom properties on a contact and enrolling them in specific workflows.


For example, currently, if you run a test on a page with a form and you have Version A, Version B, and Version C, then only Version A is available to pick as criteria. Version B and Version C aren't available. So if my list criteria was:


  • that a contact had 'submitted any form on Version A page', then that's available and it works fine
  • ...but it means that none of the contacts who convert of Version B or C are included in the criteria, so conversions on adaptive pages are seemingly somewhat overlooked from segmentation and automation perspectives

Now, admittedly, a workaround to this is that you create 2 new forms (e.g Form B and Form C), using those forms on the adaptive page variations, so the criterion filtering would then be a contact has 'filled on Form B on any page' or 'filled on Form C on any page'. The problem with this is that it's not ideal in the long-term to stay on top of, particularly if you have lots of landing pages and want to run lots of tests on them and need to update a set of workflows each time to keep it all consistent. 


The best workaround I can think of right now is to go into the form module on each version of the page and update the 'add to workflow' option and set the chain of automated events from there. Although I don't think this is a perfect approach as it'd solve the automation issue, but it wouldn't directly resolve the segmentation one (that'd involve probably some kind of custom property so it'd still be a bit of a workaround).


The page Variations B and C do appear on the contact's record of activity if they convert on there, but they're just not available to filter by in lists or in a workflow's enrollment trigger -- if this functionality was added, then it'd be brilliant for those who want to run a lot of tests on pages and report in a consistent way.