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Make a list of hubspot tracking domains publicly available

We've recently implemented the HubSpot tracking code to enable the chat service on our site and in our app, and in doing so we have to communicate to our customers the list of new domains that they need to allowlist to ensure our service works as intended.

It took well over a month in conversation with HubSpot Support (who had to wait on each of tool's engineering team to provide a list of domains that their tool used to track) before we were provided with the full list. Support then clarified that the list is subject to change in the future, but that there is nowhere for us to track changes and update our own information for customers, so we'll need to periodically contact support and request an updated list.

A better approach would surely be for there to be an article in the HubSpot Knowledge Base that acts as a central, up-to-date record of this information, that can be updated as needed by the relevant engineering teams at HubSpot as tools evolve.