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Make a custom property unique

Make it possible to define a custom property as a unique field.


Meaning when a data is entered into that field, if it exists in another contact it will alert you of that (like it does for the email field)

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Yeah -- this is a dream. We sell to SMBs, so Hubspot's core deduplication functionality is virtually useless to us. If we could make the phone number (instead of, or in addition to) the email, all of our life would be easier. 

Imports, deduplication throughout the crm, everything.


👍🏻This would solve us a lot of problems because in all our internal application we use our customer number or the VAT ID as a unique identifier. It turns out that without unique custom fields the implementation is a nightmare 


Upvote!  This would be a life saver, for companies as well.  Similar to the previous comment, we have a unique ID for our current customers, but if we're going to use Hubspot CRM as the entry point for new customer information, it really needs to be able to stop data duplication.


Can someone from Hubspot give an indication as to whether or not this is even on their function roadmap?  I appreciate it desn't have the highest number of upvotes but it would be nice to know if this is being considered or if those of us that need this functionality should be looking at another way of achieving it.


How about it HubSpot? Can we make a custom field a unique identifier, so that we can upload our contact lists? I have a unique code for each of my contacts as well, some of whom do not have email addresses, some companies do not have domains associated with them. Why can't I use that field as the unique identifier? 


Please advise.


Another vote for this idea. We are a membership organization; each of our members gets a unique membership ID. We would love to be able to use this custom contact property as a way to deduplicate/sync data.

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Another vote for this idea. We really need that. Is it possible to make a workflow or a list to detect automatically if two items (Deal by example) have the same value in one property?


I'm really shocked that 3 years after this hasn't made it into the Hubspot platform. Data is the new oil, but data validation and data quality are of such importance. So being able to ensure data stays deduplicated is highly important.


This lack of feature really is a major major drawback from Hubspot vs Salesforce, which allows you to set up endless validation types. 

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If HubSpot wants to grow the Sales and Service Hubs, they NEED to solve this problem. We are working with a client that is a 3rd party benefits administrator.  We need a way to make weekly updates to coverage and employment changes but 40% of the Contacts don't have emails or their employers substitute with redundant "" address. Being able to choose a custom property as a unique identifier would make the problem of Contact management much easier.


This would be very useful to register the unique ID of other systems without running into synchronization issues when this ID is used multiple times by accident.


Major problem for us as well. 


We are adding contacts from our own CRM system to Hubspot via the API. We are working with 'memberships' that are registered on properties as email and first/last name. Customers in our CRM tool can share email addresses. So every time we sync the properties from our CRM tool to Hubspot, we can overwrite these contacts. So instead of Max who subscribed as a member to one of our company initiatives, we are sending emails to someone named Lisa (with the smart content for example) who has the same address but who doesn't know anything about a membership. 


Gives the impression of being very amateuristic as a company. 



100% upvote for this. Need to update critical custom properties from our database to our HubSpot records, but have multiple companies with the same domain. Don't understand why a custom property cannot be set as a unique identifier. Massively frustrating.


I guess this will never happen? I've stumbled upon this thread because I need this.  And given this original post was 4 years ago, I guess Hubspot does not care.

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Voto por esta idea,
Es clave poder crear y/o volver una propiedad en hubspot que valide valores unicos para evitar duplicados como funciona con los email para contacto o el dominio web para las empresas. Por ejemplo necesito en una cuenta poder crear propiedades para valores unicos como lo sería Rut empresa, o ID para un contacto .


Definite upvote for this. I've recently encountered problems with duplicate contact records being created for the same person albeit this is actually due to human error when sending emails e.g kelvin@ kevlin@. 


In order to prevent a further contact record from being created again, both emails would need to remain in the contact record however some of our "Contacts" could be involved in a number of deals so it's possible that someone could inadvertently use the incorrect email address from the "Contact" record if they're both left in but we obviously don't want Hubspot to keep creating new records if this does occur again. 

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When custom properties are created via the API, you can set them as unique:

Just make sure to set the "hasUniqueValue" property to true when creating


+1 - Can this be done from the Dashboard UI?


Hey uxeful, thanks for the information although I'm not a developer so somewhat over my head!! Do you know if it can be done from the dashboard?? Many thanks. 

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Hi !

I’m Shay Jones, the Product Manager on the CRM product team.


Thank you all for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. I'm happy to report that this Idea is now In Planning! This means that our engineers are actively building this feature.


The product development process is always filled with unexpected bumps and hurdles, so I can't give a timeline, but I am confident in saying we'll deliver this feature as soon as possible.


All updates will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned!



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Hi Shay, 


Any news about this feature development ?  

Have a good day.