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Make Vidyard Pro and Option!

Come on gang! I can only assume the reason you don't allow Vidyard Pro as an upgrade to HubSpot video is you think it will push me to adopting a full HS website or something. 


All I want to do is to be able to embed video outside of HubSpot. I can do that for $15 / month with Vidyard Pro. BUT--that is blocked as an option for HubSpot video, meaning the only way I can do that without maintaining multiple video platforms is to pay for team access, starting at $300 / month!


HubSpot video is a great benefit of HubSpot, but not if it handcuffs my use of the video elsewhere. 


Instead of making me a happier customer, and giving Vidyard (and presumably HubSpot) a little extra revenue, I now have a negative perception here and am looking for fully external video solutions because of it. 


Come on HubSpot, this is silly. 


(And if I'm missing something and have this wrong, please do correct me. Nothing would make me happier in this case!)

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I'm not sure what subscription you have on either, but we integrate with Vidyard Teams - have you reviewed the integration details for Vidyard?