Make Tasks list my homepage when I sign in

I'd like to set a default (in the Settings area of Sales/CRM) so that my Task List is the first thing I see when I log in. In fact, the Settings area should be updated so that you can pick the page type you want to start with (maybe other folks don't start their day with Tasks).  It would be more efficient and usable, IMHO.

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It would be useful to be able to choose to have the tasks page as the default page when opening Hubspot as a user. 

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The entire reason we use a Hubspot is to keep our day's scheduled with incoming producing activities.

When we open Hubspot, we should immediately see what needs to be done today. 


With that being said, we should see Open Tasks, and Upcoming Appointments by Default. 


This is a no-brainer.  No one cares about stats, salespeople need direction that is in there face.