Make TEST emails come from SENDER ADDRESS

Make the TEST-email come from the SENDER ADDRESS instead of '' This is an issue because TEST-emails do not match  the look of an email as it would be delivered into a recipients inbox.


The sender address in a TEST-email shows as ''. How can this be considered a true TEST of an actual email when the TEST-email received does not mimic the exact look and feel of the email as it would look if the email were to be sent as a live email to a recipient?


If I want to send a TEST-email for internal review, I cannot use the appropriate 'Send a test email' featured in the left-margin tools (just below the eye icon). My work around is to send a live email to myself ('Recipients' list size = 1) in order to receive a TEST showing the actual SENDER'S EMAIL ADDRESS information. 

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Hi there! Would like to jump in and also request this feature. Most other email providers e.g. MailChimp, ConstantContact have this feature. This way it's easier to catch if the wrong email address or sender name has been populated. Right now, this is a blind spot with test emails. It should not be a major thing to change, so not sure why HubSpot has not addressed this already!

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Agreed. This would really be helpful to QC sender display name and email address. Just experienced an issue where the sender and signature were misaligned in an email distribution. This would have been caught if this capability was in place.