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Make Snippets available in the Live Chat Slack Integration

Hello Hubspot,

Our sales team would find it useful if they could reference and use our Snippets to reply to Live Chat website visitors directly from our Live Chat Slack channel threads. Currently, Hubspot users can reply from Slack to Live Chat conversations, but cannot use pre-scripted responses, or "Snippets" from Slack. Snippets can only be sent from the Chat Inbox UI on according to Hubspot's Support team.

This ability would create another positive touchpoint between Sales and Marketing, and would reduce the common pain point that sales has of "Many website visitors are low quality or disqualified" by providing them a 1-click, brand-approved response to give to each of these disqualified web visitors. Without Snippets, the current set-up discourages the sales team I work with and creates friction between Marketing and Sales.

Because websites are open to the public, unqualified web chats are hard to avoid, and the best solution is to instead provide Sales with a convenient tool to spend as little time on disqualified web traffic as possible.

For the Sales teams that operate out of Slack and email rather than inside of Hubspot, extending the Snippet feature to be able to be sent from Slack would ease these sales teams' onboarding to Hubspot by providing a positive brand experience for them, and open up the sales team to learning more about other Hubspot Sales features. Hubspot can use this touchpoint to introduce these sales reps to Snippets, and then leverage Snippets into an upsell for Sales Hub Professional as soon as the customer account hits the limit of 5 Snippets.


There is a clear product hook and upsell path here for Hubspot, so the company should create this feature accordingly.

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Love this.  Our teams manage everything in slack and with the ability to answer live chat via slack, would be great to leverage all the snippets we've spent a lot of time crafting in HubSpot, in the integration.  I don't know if its possible technologically speaking but would be awesome.  


I second this idea all the way. It would be a great benefit to have the salesteam be able to use snippets in slack to streamline communication.