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Make NPS feedback surveys work for on-site customers

Tool: Feedback surveys, primarily NPS
Subscription: Service Hub Pro / Enterprise

Suggestion: allow NPS survey to be embedded into a web page where contact data capture can take place before completing the survey.
Use case: for any business that has retail or other face-to-face business premises, this would allow NPS feedback to take place with on-site customers, perhaps by using a QR code that would lead the customer to the page with the embedded survey while also capturing their details into HubSpot.

*I'm aware this could be done by using a data capture form embedded on a page which then leads to a thank you page with a NPS survey pop up banner but this feels pretty inelegant.

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We need a way we can include a link to the NPS survey in the form of a clickable link, e.g. so we can have it accessible from an email footer, and not just held as a pop-up on our website.


YES!!! Allow NPS surveys to pop up on specific pages (liked offered in satisfaction surveys) rather than just email delivery.

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+1 on behalf of a customer


+1 it's very much needed!