Make HubSpot capable of being HIPAA-compliant

Many other CRMs and marketing platforms include HIPAA compliance capabilities, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Dynamics
  • Infusionsoft
  • Constant Contact (!)
  • CallRail

HubSpot is vulnerable to missing out on vast amounts of the healthcare space if they don't build out their HIPAA compliance capabilities. This is a very important need!

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Upvoted! Have you found another integration to engage with Customers on the service side? We're looking to use HubSpot Service Hub for ticketing, but if that involved sensitive data, it may not work out.



cgstrom Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner
Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner

Thank you! On the service side, we just advise our medical clients to use their EMR systems for tracking all service requests. I don't think we could recommend Service Hub to them because the likelihood of sensitive data within the service requests would be too high.

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Please, for all that's holy. HIPAA compliance!


Ben Donahower

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jasonparkinson New Contributor | Gold Partner
New Contributor | Gold Partner

Yes Please!!

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Yes, please! 

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Yes!  We want to use HubSpot ticketing on our service hub, marketing, and CRM features!