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Make HubSpot Close Ticket button available to customers

HubSpot has a 'Close Ticket' button in their email reply to customers which closes the ticket once applied.


Can HubSpot make this CTA ticket button available to customers?


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Yes please! I love this and think it is so intuitive.


@Hermen @DConnolly Hi,

Unfortunately, a lot of time has passed, but I hope to be useful
Allowing customers to minimally manage their own tickets is a great idea. Because, it minimizes communication with the support team and instantly resolves the issue.
The tool for such purposes is a customer self-service portal.
You can try CliPlace Ticket Portal. It is free.
The customer can create a ticket, add a comment, download a file, see the status of the ticket and be aware.
I hope this decision will be valuable for you.
Take a look here