Make Global Group elements editable

I am looking at ways to create a ui pattern kit / library in hubspot. Global groups could be a perfect solution, in that I can create the basic layout & content elements in the group and allow page editors to add those global groups in a flexible column. However, content in a global group is locked and uneditable. 


I understand that logic -- a global group is meant to be created once and used repeatedly throughout the site. Updating the content in one place updates it sitewide. 


However, that same logic could be applied to the structure of the module without locking the content itself. In this way it would be up to the template developer to decide which modules are locked and which aren't -- which could still accomplish the current goal of locked global groups. But it would also open global groups for much broader possibilities. 


(Allowing Flexible Columns in global groups would also be a big step forward Smiley Wink )

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Oct 23, 2017

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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