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Make Forecast Probability display evenly throughout the app

So the Forecast Probability property shows as a percentage on the Forecast page. In order to get the percentages right, you must use decimal numbers when setting up the property value —e.g. 0.2 to see 20%. A bit confusing at first, but overall works fine.


However, when creating a table for a report in a dashboard, the numbers will NOT show as percentages —e.g. 0.2 instead of 20%— which makes it confusing for the person reviewing those reports.


If I change the value to show as 20 in the report, the Forecast page will show as 2000% !!


There's no way to fix the way this property displays, so right now I'm facing the difficult decision to prioritize Stakeholders reviewing reports, or the Sales team reviewing their Forecasts. Either way, I'm gonna make things difficult for one group or the other!


Please make the display even throughout the app, or allow us to edit how they display. The way it works right now is counter-intuitive.



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Displaying as decimals is very confusing when we want our reps to enter these figures manually as opposed to having them be updated by deal stage.


This is a frustrating issue for the Sales Managers to manage the team and the forecasting. 


A bit weird that it works like this, I just upvoted the idea, hope they make it the same accross the platform