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Make Fields Read-Only

Our online platform will be feeding data back to the Hubspot CRM via the API to populate certain custom fields.  It would be ideal if we could mark these fields as 'read-only' so that they cannot be modified using the Hubspot UI.


Another possible solution to this is intorducing permissions by field, which would allow us to restrict the editing of certain fields to admins only (who know not to edit certain fields).


@ESconnor Have you found a way to lock down certain fields?


It would be amazing to be able to create read-only properties.


As a manufacturing company we have projects that spend a week to a month being run in another software. It's important for our CS and Sales teams to be able to filter and find deals by these properties,

  • Production Stage
  • Estimated Ship Date
  • On/Track Off Track Status
  • Payment Status ( Paid, Not Due, Overdue )

Adding read only properties would be great to level up, and enable our team. We would also use the CRM cards to provide more details once inside the deal.


Came across this post and also find an interest in this. It would be helpful to make props read only even though we can see property history (that is a great feature btw 🙂


To add to this, can it not be possible to make some read only props non-read only? Eg. the create date and some other date fields? Use case would be so if importing old data we can set the old create date - this is also useful for reporting.


Thank you

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YES!!!! Based on roles/permissions.


Agreed. I need to be able to stop sales reps changing the createdate!


Looks like this has been addressed through this, although at Enterprise level only?

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Hello HubSpot community! 

My name is Dylan, I'm a member of the HubSpot product team. I wanted to let you all know that this is currently possible, as mentioned in this post

Here is a HubSpot Product blog post we made at launch and a Knowledge Base article that explains how to use the feature. As a previous commenter mentioned, this is currently available for enterprise accounts only. 

Thank you all for your continued feedback - it helps us build a better product! 

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Posting on behalf of a customer. Read only fields are a super basic functionality for any CRM, so it should be made available for more subscription types (at least a Professional subscription too), and not just Enterprise. I believe that it would be beneficial for many of our customers who have important fields that they only want admins to update, but have the other users be able to view as well. Thanks!


@Dylan  Hi you claim that the request to be able to make fields read only for the purposes of admission within automated processes, where manual field entries are not suitable .... has been "Delivered" by implementing Roles/Permissions for access to field entry ..... I disagree.


First - it's not the same thing. Restricting access to fields based upon roles/permissions is good and applicable when data and data entry should be available based upon a users profile. That is NOT the case here. If we are using HB Workflows and like to set values then there are NO users that should have access to modify, most likely users can see value (that is arbitary). In simple terms the field should be Read Only. It is a common concept in databasics schema.


Second - roles/permissions are available only for Enterprise customers, whilst the tools setting the values, such as Workflows, are available for Pro users. So there's a mismatch of capabilities to price point.


Can you please address this?


Thank you