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Make Drag n Drop Templates show as json via FTP

Basically, I would like if everything inside of a drag n drop template were output as json when viewing via FTP.

All linked assets, the placement of modules, etc.

This is the same idea as how Custom Module meta and fields data works.

If it's too complex to have as 1 json file it would be fine to have a `.template` folder similar to how `.module` works.

The advantage being developers can then do the following things:

  • include DnD templates in version controlled repositories like GitHub. (this is something we want to do with
  • These templates will finally be editable locally or atleast over FTP.
  • This would enable developers to more easily programmatically update these templates.
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June 10, 2019 01:59 PM

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WOAH!!!  Appreciate the update @mherzog !