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Make Custom Placeholders work in standard emails via templates

See this thread:


As stated in that thread, when using a Custom Placeholders in templates, it works as intended with Sequences. 


However, when used in a standard email where you have selected a Template that contains a Custom Placeholder, the email inserts bracketed text (eg [[ MISSING PLACEHOLDER - MY CUSTOM THING HERE ]]) instead of prompting for the text to use to overwrite the placeholders.


Note, this also does not prevent the user from accidentally sending the standard email without first making edits to the bracketed text. You can totally go ahead and send that email with the missing placeholder text there for everyone to see.

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Support feedback when we were researching this:

The token does not have a default value and is indeed intended to remind you that you need to add personalized information; however it only prevents the email from sending when used in a sequence! The reason for this business decision is that sequences are prescheduled emails, typically enrolling many contacts in a short time frame. Because you're evaluating future email sends it's important that you update information before the sequence begins.

I was excited for you! It is handy in the right use case but does require Sales Professional or Enterprise to be truly helpful.

This was our first role out of the feature, if the tool is highly used or there is a high request for bringing this to 1:1 email sends, I could see a world where this is brought down but right now we are gaining analytics. I'll be sure to pass this feedback along though!

Yes, if there was a pop up like when you move a deal over and it requires you to fill in properties, that would be helpful.


Also, the sequences function would be more helpful if you could bulk update the placeholder text for all of your users. Such as adding in a specific holiday or event name.


Yes, this is such an important update to make! I have one sequence in particular that requires a lot of diligence and attention in order to not make the mistake of sending an email before editing the placeholder, and it would be significantly better if the placeholder could function the same way it does in sequences by not letting you send the email without editing.