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Make Call Outcome required

 Today call outcome and call type are optional fields for someone who is logging an activity. I need to make them mandatory so that a rep cannot log an activity without populating those 2 fields. How do I do it?


One of the call outcomes says 'No Value' Other Call Outcomes are:


  • Connected
  • Busy 
  • Connected 
  • Left live message
  • Left voicemail
  • No answer
  • Wrong number
  1. Make call outcome semi-mandatory so you cannot leave the page without a pop-up advising/reminding that you have not given an outcome to the call. "Are you sure you want to leave this page?"
  2. Allow the customization for a report that allows you to see WHO all the "No Value" calls were to so they can be:
  •     updated
  •     training opportunity for the caller to be taught what they should be doing

I've logged a number of calls with no outcome in error over the last few months and was trying figure out how to do this myself.


I've just found the answer:


1. Go to reports dashboard and click on "add report" (top right)

2. Click on the "sales" drop-down on the left and then select "prospecting"

3. Look for the productivity report and click "customize"

4. On the left, under filters, scroll down to "engagement filters" and click on the filter that is currently shown (it should be "type is any of calls, email, meeting, task or note"

5. Delete everything leaving "calls" and then hit "update filter". The visualisation will now show you only calls

6. Now you need to adjust the "measures" which are above the visualisation. The first should say "hubspot owner" in the drop-down", below that should be "by" and then "counts of engagement" in the drop-down. Then to the right of that should be "and" then "type" in the drop-down. It's this last one you need to change. Select it and change it to "call outcome"

7. The visualisation now shows you the call outcome for all calls for the selected date ranges

8. You can then hover the mouse pointer over each call outcome (in this case click "no value") and a link called "quick view" will appear. If you click this a list of all contacts where a call outcome was not logged will present itself. You can now go into each contact and review


Hope this helps!



I don't understand the 'no value' in my CRM, because I'm not doing calls nor logging calls. But it shows a 'no value' in my calls the same with the rest of the teams. what does it means? See the attach screenshot.



 @anne_sharesoure If you hover your mouse pointer over the value, you should be able to select a "drilldown". Clicking this will show you all the contacts where no value is the outcome. I would go into a few of these contacts and just check what the activity history is.


It could just be a finger error when logging an activity. The system defaults to "Log a call". If you're logging an email or meeting, you need to click on the drop down and select this.Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 10.02.16.png

Hopefully this helps you figure out what's going on?


Thanks @SeanMcProperty , but can't find the drill down on my report. I think this is because ,it is a customized report I made for our team. Thanks!


Anyway, can I put a "drill down" on my customised report? Thanks!


@anne_sharesoure it doesn't look like to can. I've duplicated your report and I can't drill down either.


Try adding the standard report to your dashboard (I ran through setting up the report earlier in this thread on 11-08-2017 05:38). You should be able to drill down from there and figure out what's going on.


Hi @SeanMcProperty, thanks for the response. Here is the Standard Productivity report, in here i can "drill down" each values. However, when I try to edit it and customise it, it will not have a "drill down". It just that the number of "no value" is very insignificant for us, like more than 100 calls had "no values"? I really don't get it. But when we calculate the number of "connected", "busy", "no answer", etc. it resulted to the total number of calls made by each member of the team. Thus, I just want to delete this "no value" column in my report. Can I do that? Thanks!



I would love to see this feature implemented as well. Are there any plans to update this as an option?


Hope this idea picks up more attention!


At the moment, Sales Agents have the option of completing the Call Result field, but it is not compulsory to complete this field before Saving the Call Result.


At our company, we would like to have the option of making this compulsory: for the user not be able to save the Call Result until the call result has been filled in. It is essential for us to have this information filled in, but unfortunately this isn't being done by all users at the moment.






We need to be able to mandate all/any properties when logging calls/notes so that we get better visibility. HubSpot's BIGGEST issue is they expect our employees to remember what they have to do. With multiple systems, there is absolutely no way to expect that of any employee. If HubSpot wants to grow into something comparable to SalesForce, they need to learn that customizable functionality is necessary!


Make certain fields required (call type, outcome, etc) when logging calls, meetings, etc. This helps with sales person compliance to drive better reporting.


Would like this too please


+1 for this, would like this feature.


We would appreciate that in our business too.

ステータスに更新: Being Reviewed

We're currently evaluating this enhancement  and will update this issue with more information in the next few months.


this will be a great enhancement @mfreiert 

We look forward to your update.


Hi - 

This is an effective feature to help keep people accountable and generate data on how to improve our client success and sales teams,