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Major Improvements Needed for Hubspot Scoring

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Current Hubspot scoring is severally lacking compared to its competitors. Hubspots scoring issues are so large that I would strongly warn anyone from choosing Hubspot until they fixed how they score Contacts.


1.) Allow the Hubspot Score to be completely be reset. Right now you can only give negative criteria which causes a bunch of different issues.


2.) Make it possible for new scoring rules, or changes to existing scoring rules, only effect Contacts going forward. If you change a lead scoring criteria, it will retroactively update all your records. If you have any sort of automation associated with the Lead Scoring, such as a head off process from Marketing to Sales, this causes a huge nightmare. Scoring changes should occur FREQUENTLY based on feedback from Sales or conversion analytics. Right now its very difficult to make any changes to scoring because of this limitation.


3.) Show scoring for individual line items within the Contact's Detail Screen and within the Hubspot / Salesforce Visualforce component. Having to "Test" a Contact against your scoring rules is time consuming and inefficient. No one wants to scroll through a giant list of criteria to see if a specific Contact meets a criteria. 


4.) Change the way scoring occurs so more generic rules can be set. If you have a new Webinar, whitepaper, etc you're basically forced to create an entire new scoring rule for that specific campaign. You could do it based on a "Type" of campaign or some other Salesforce field, but then you face the issue of creating separate rules for every time the Contact meets the criteria. For example say you have a rule that says if Type = Webinar, give the Contact 10 points... well that works for the first time they meet the criteria. If you want them to be scored for each time they watch a new webinar based on a type field, you're forced to duplicate the scoring rule and specify that they've watched a webinar 2 or more times. The same goes for email clicks. If you want a Contact to be scored for every email click, and not just the first time they meet the criteria, you will have to duplicate the rule out several times and specify within the rule that they've clicked a link at least 2+ times.


These are just a few of the major issues I've faced when creating a scoring process within Hubspot. It needs a lot of work.

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October 17, 2023 03:39 AM

Hi all,


I'm Dom, a Product Manager at HubSpot. First of all, I want to acknowlege the frustration that the current solution is causing and the feeling that HubSpot is not investing enough reseources into fixing the current solution.
My team and I are currently delving into Lead Scoring for Marketers at the moment and we’d be really interested in learning more about your use cases. We’d like to find out how you are currently scoring your leads, what’s working for you and what’s not working at the moment and what features you would like to see incorporated into HubSpot in the future. 

If you’re a marketer interested in lead scoring and open to a brief 30-minute call with me and my team, please feel free to reach out to me via a direct message.  



October 21, 2018 04:55 PM

Hi HubSpot Community - thank you all for providing your feedback on this issue. I'm a member of our Product team and I wanted to let you all know that we hope to make significant improvements to scoring in the coming months! Please continue to provide examples and use-cases on this issue, I will provide an update once additional functionality is closer to beta.

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Hi folks,


I'm Joe, the Ideas Forum manager. I've been in contact with our Product team about the four requests stated here, and I wanted to provide an update.


At this time, these changes to HubSpot scoring aren't on our immediate roadmap. They're something that's on our radar, and we'd like to explore them one day, but currently, we don't have any plans to move forward. This certainly doesn't mean we'll never make these changes, just that right now we have other things planned. I'd encourage you to keep leaving feedback on this thread so we can understand your use cases and needs.





That's frankly shocking, with such a high upvote here and on this topic:

I get it must be very technically limiting to do this. But it's super necessary.




I would like to echo every comment left on this idea. HubSpot Score is so fundamental to qualifying leads, showing intent, and aligning with sales.


It should be a foundational element for any CRM/Marketing automation package. 


@JoeMayall -- guess it's time to start planning our migration to Marketo. All your competitors had this functionality literally a decade ago.


I really agree with so many of these ideas. Lead scoring has become the bane of my existence right now as I have to do a lot of workarounds to score my contacts based on their activities. 


I want to see this happen specifically for email opens. I want to be able to give a contact a score for every email they open. 


please put this on your roadmap! 


We implemented Hubspot last year and setup our first prototype of a scoring system, knowing that we need to learn together with "the system", if thats the right approach or if we have to adapt something. The result: we need to make some changes, but only on some parts of the scoring system. All contacts with a positive score should keep it. All contacts with a negative score should be resetted to 0 again.


Seems like a very easy thing to do, but as of now, there is no chance to do that. 



Not applicable

Just add "or" functionality and it is tremendously improved! Right now, the only way to build is with "and" so you have to create additional sets for every criteria.


Having just completed HubSpot's Sales & Marketing Alignment training, we went through the process of setting up a point structure for Critical, Important, Influential, and Negative attributes for properties and engagements, but building it in the HubSpot Score property you lose all that value.


I know score can be used differently by many use cases, but even adding subsets would help better organize.


Upvoting because this is a strong need.

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I haven't read all the comments in this thread. I agree that lead scoring needs to be improved in many ways.


Today it takes a lot of time to do quality assurance and updating a lead scoring model. Adding new rules becomes a nightmare.


One easy thing to start with would be improving the UI and giving us a sort order (rearranging) function. That would be a huge improvement.


Export and import function would be a time saver as well.



Yeah, I at the very minimum need to be able to reset HubSpot score to zero. We have a critical business need to re-score all our contacts. Even if there are features built-in to prevent us from accidentally resetting to protect us from our own fumbly fingers, this time we really know what we're doing.


At the moment, I'm considering the most insane hacks and workarounds to reset the score. I can't believe how much of my time HubSpot is wasting. Not only business time that costs $$$ but my own personal time, because I'm working overtime on a salary to get this done.


Make it happen HubSpot!


One more thing: as a busines, stop treating me like an **bleep** that dosen't know what I'm doing. Stop making me fill out ridiculous forum posts begging for features to be added.


Hubspot is there any update to this? It has been asked for, for years and is a feature provided by other competitors. 


Common Hubspot, working on this suggestion with that many upvotes since 2018!? 
This makes me wonder if you consider the ideas of your customers at all!


It's quite obvious to me and many others that you want to be able to reduce the Hubspot score.

Let's say someone works his way up to a lead score of 100 and is sent to sales.

Sales calls the prospect but he's not sales ready.

Instead of keeping that contact in a 'hot leads' lists (contacts with a score of 100),

we want to reduce the score so eventually we can pick them up when they are engaging again with our content.



@JoeMayall  wake up please


@JoeMayall the fact that there is no way to set a lead score to a specific number is truly unfathomable. I'm new to Hubspot and was assured during the sales process that your product was at parity or better in all aspects with Marketo. This is one of the fundamental pillars of marketing automation and is so egregiously lacking that I am considering asking out of our contract. 


I really can't believe this isn't at least on your roadmap. Very disappointing.


5 years - and no significant improvement to scoring...

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Am I crazy or is it easier to just use a normal value property that I increase and decrease via the Workflow function?


The limit for workflows is higher, the reporting works the same and I have all the functionalities of re-enrollment and refined triggers.

Is there any benefit whatsoever in using a Scoring property over a Value property?


Would love everybody's thoughts on this.


@ASchendl This could work if you're just starting out with HubSpot, although building out each scoring criteria again in a workflow (for those of us who have been trying and struggling with this terrible scoring) would take a lot of effort. By only using branching, you likely wouldn't be able to do any complex scoring algorithms either. But if you're looking for a simple scoring workflow with the ability to reset the score to 0, workflows may be the only existing option.


I can't believe this idea is still "not currently planned". Lead scoring is such a basic aspect of any marketing automation system. You would think HubSpot would prioritize these basic improvements as quickly as possible.