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Major Improvements Needed for Hubspot Scoring

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Current Hubspot scoring is severally lacking compared to its competitors. Hubspots scoring issues are so large that I would strongly warn anyone from choosing Hubspot until they fixed how they score Contacts.


1.) Allow the Hubspot Score to be completely be reset. Right now you can only give negative criteria which causes a bunch of different issues.


2.) Make it possible for new scoring rules, or changes to existing scoring rules, only effect Contacts going forward. If you change a lead scoring criteria, it will retroactively update all your records. If you have any sort of automation associated with the Lead Scoring, such as a head off process from Marketing to Sales, this causes a huge nightmare. Scoring changes should occur FREQUENTLY based on feedback from Sales or conversion analytics. Right now its very difficult to make any changes to scoring because of this limitation.


3.) Show scoring for individual line items within the Contact's Detail Screen and within the Hubspot / Salesforce Visualforce component. Having to "Test" a Contact against your scoring rules is time consuming and inefficient. No one wants to scroll through a giant list of criteria to see if a specific Contact meets a criteria. 


4.) Change the way scoring occurs so more generic rules can be set. If you have a new Webinar, whitepaper, etc you're basically forced to create an entire new scoring rule for that specific campaign. You could do it based on a "Type" of campaign or some other Salesforce field, but then you face the issue of creating separate rules for every time the Contact meets the criteria. For example say you have a rule that says if Type = Webinar, give the Contact 10 points... well that works for the first time they meet the criteria. If you want them to be scored for each time they watch a new webinar based on a type field, you're forced to duplicate the scoring rule and specify that they've watched a webinar 2 or more times. The same goes for email clicks. If you want a Contact to be scored for every email click, and not just the first time they meet the criteria, you will have to duplicate the rule out several times and specify within the rule that they've clicked a link at least 2+ times.


These are just a few of the major issues I've faced when creating a scoring process within Hubspot. It needs a lot of work.

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I can't believe it's been over 5 years since this thread was created and literally NOTHING has been done by HS's product team to improve the scoring property.


Should also make the hubspot score available to see in the tasks so our sales people can more easily prioritize which leads they spend their time on 


I agree with @JTxCBI It's been so long and all the points he laid out are still major issues with lead scoring


Are there any updates on this @Dylan? No updates since 2018, and this is still the post I'm being directed to upvote in the community? Point #4 is still a huge issue for us. 




Notice us please HubSpot Devs!!!


Please Hubspot. This is a MUST HAVE!


HubSpot needs to update this!


@Dylan @hubspot 

AS per the last update there were supposed to be some improvements on the scoring system. 

This was in 2018, has there been any update or do we know if Hubspot will be looking into this?

Massive thanks!


This post originated in 2017, has this been fixed? We are currently implementing lead scoring, and when I asked support, they asked me to upvote this topic. If it has been 5-6 years already, can I have any hope that this will be fixed?


Let me be frank, Hubspot does a lot of things right and only a handful of things poorly. (AND I'm very impressed to see the volume of new/updated features this year.) However, the absence of any lead scoring updates is beyond frustrating. Everything the original poster has detailed is a must (especially #3). Should Hubspot ever reads this thread, I would like to throw in 2 additional components to the list of requirements...

  1. I want to be able to see lead scoring results better represented within the reporting side of the table. For example, I want to be able to stack up which campaigns have generated the most lead scores. Or which lead scoring event(s) have led to or are associated with closed won revenue. Also, if they incorporated a time component, we could see which lead scoring events are generating the most engagement week to week.

  2. Add "all CTAs clicked" as on option for scoring events. Right now, I use a plethora of CTAs to capture/track engagement and to convert contacts. However, if I want to associate points to that engagement, I have to do it manually. for. every. freaking. call. to. action. I could also see breaking the call to actions into different categories (high, medium, & low) and assign points accordingly.

Hubspot - please, please tell us this is in development. Lead scoring is far too important for it to remain this ineffectual.