Major Flaw in Lead Scoring using Company Size

It seems that if there is no company data (i.e. can't find the domain or name I am guessing), rather than the database disregarding the field, it will put a zero for the number of employees.



I want to score a contact based on the size of the company.

If the company name (or domain) entered in a form does not exactly match the database then it obviously can't find the company - makes sense. I have had cases where it's a subsidiary, company was acquired and they are on an old domain etc.  Lots of cases where this could happen.

However, it will then insert a 0 as company size, and for my purposes essentially throw the lead out as I have a negative score if a company is under a certain size.  

This makes being able to use this data as useless for lead scoring. 

What needs to happen is if there is no data, it just doesn't score it at all and not give it a zero and cause a negative score to kick in.