MailChimp Subscriber Activity to HubSpot Contact Timeline

It would be amazing if MailChimp subscriber activity could sync to HubSpot's contact timeline.  I'd like emails I send through MailChimp and subscriber opens, clicks & replies to appear in HubSpot.

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 Or at least make it an option in Zapier to add to timeline . . . 

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That would be great!

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I agree.

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Totally support! 

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I would support this as well!  Though, I think this is on MailChimp to integrate.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone! Quick question - if HubSpot implemented this, what would you do with the data?


Thanks for the help Smiley Very Happy

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Hey @jmante thanks for asking!


I think  one of the biggest benefits would be the combination of information which is one of the biggest struggles we all face.  But I do realize that getting some properties like "Marketing emails opened" "Marketing emails clicked" wouldn't make much sense to update in HubSpot as those tie to HubSpot emails.


It would be helpful to pull this information to relate it to the various lifecycle stages and very helpful in small businesses who can't quite afford marketing so they can relate it to deals/lead gen magnets.


I do also understand that the business of HubSpot is saas and marketing emails is a big part of that, so logically it doesn't make a ton of sense to bring this information in being that MailChimp and HubSpot both offer various prices.  But that's just business.


I hope I was able to shed some insight!

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While I understand HubSpot is attempting to incentivize clients to use the native email campaign feature, it would be a huge upgrade for the entire CRM system to offer the integration with MailChimp. In previously using a very basic CRM called Less Annoying CRM, it provided the automatic integration without the use of 3rd party items like Zapier. 


This allowed my users to truly see all marketing efforts within the CRM and focus on their sales instead of marketing.


Please make this happen! Smiley Happy

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@jmante , It would really help us to keep all the information together and know exactly when a given customer was last contacted...Including via a mass email sent through MailChimp.  Open & click data would be helpful so we can follow-up with interested recipients.

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We would use this in sales. The person in charge of our email marketing campaigns is not the same as our sales people. But when people click "Request Demo" from our email we would like be our sales person  to had that information without having to learn mailchimp, since they already know HubSpot. All of that information is about how the user has interacted with our brand, it makes it a better sales and helps our customer.