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MRR and payment plan systems for sales and marketing pro and above



I work with lots of companies using Hubspot and I wanna share an idea as well as my vision of how you guys can go about it. Basically there are lots of companies that do MRR deals as well as annuual contracts. Right now the deals flow tab in Hubspot is not optimized to handle both. 


Here's my solution. 


First of all add a top level Hubspot default "Deal Payment Type" - field. 


This can either be MRR, Annual Contract, 3 Equal Paymnets, Quarterly, Every 6 Months.


Admins can create different types of Deal Payment Plan Types and deploy it across their organization




What is the MRR value 

I know for enterpirse sales you can add it, but hear me out. The deal value automaitcally should change to monthly when payment plan selected is MRR.  


Now in the deals Kanban view we have the sum of all amounts and then there should be a separate MRR view


For the contract based payments if you guys add a default date field for the payments for example $2000 today $2000 30 days from now, then that would make it so much easier to use the date in the revenue analytics. 


Just some initial thoughts on using Hubspot more effecitvely for contract as well as MRR type deals 

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Great idea 👌🏽