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MQL conversion campaign



Currently it's possible to run reports on the first interaction that converted a lead. We really need the functionality to be able to run reports on the Campaign that converted that lead into an MQL. 


For example, if I had a lead that initially converted on Campaign X, but then interacted with Campaign Y which pushed it over the threshold to become an MQL, I need to be able to report on this. So effectively, this lead will sit in 2 reports, "Initial Campaign X conversions" & "MQL Campaign Y conversions" 


Make this happen please HubSpot! 


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I second this! It would be helpful to be able to report MQL conversions per campaign (ones I've created in the campaigns section of HubSpot), or even better, change the interface of the campaign landing pages to show the number of converted MQLs because of an asset in the campaign. While "influenced contacts" is nice to know, it would be more helpful to know contacts that have changed lifecycle stages.