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Low Engaged Contacts by Brand and/or Email Subscription Type

Since we have a multi-brand account, it can be challenging to segment our contacts by brand. One of the main issues we're having is our inability to segment low engaged contacts by brand and/or email subscription type. 

We would like to be able to target low engaged contacts per brand, something which we are currently un-able to do. Would be really great if HubSpot could add more support for multi-brand accounts and add this feature.

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Since some HubSpot accounts have multiple brands, it would be useful if you could associate marketing emails to a brand. That way, low engaged contacts can be segmented by brand. 

In other words, a contact could be engaged with brand A but un-engaged from brand B.


Hi @elanashama 


We also had this problem of not being able to distinguish our "Top Engaged" contacts, and wanted to introduce you to Segment Builder, a HubSpot app that solves for this.


Segment Builder allows you to create "Segments" of engaged contacts from individual marketing emails, Campaigns, Subscription Type, or a combination. You can specify a percentage or a threshold, and the segment will sync HubSpot as a List, making it workable with all other parts of HubSpot.


Whilst it doesn't give you the low engagement numbers, you could create a Segment of Engaged Contacts and then de-dupe that List against your Send list.


Please do try it out, and I would love to hear your feedback if you have any. We are particularly interested in the multi-brand scenarios.


Happy segmenting

Tom from Segment Builder 


A List of SegmentsA List of Segments