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Looping workflows



I would love to have the ability to create looping workflows! With this I would be able to:


  • Create workflows to sent automated emails every X time, like: send an important email every month to my customers with no time to end since they meet the criteria;
  • Sync property values between contacts, companies, and deals by workflow copy property value option;


How this could work:

After creating the workflow you have the option to add an action called "Loop" (or something like that). After that action added the enrolled objects (contacts or deals) will loop between the following actions (like coping a property value or send an email) with no end as long as they don't meet the unenrollment and suppression criteria.


My case right now:
Every month my customers need to fill a form declaring specific information. They need to receive an email with the form link every month to remind they and it's exactly the same email every month so it could be done by automated emails and workflows as long as they meet the criteria to enroll the workflow without any human interaction needed.


Would be great to have this function and I'm pretty sure others HubSpot users will figure out amazing ways to use that.



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YES. We all need this.

We have been requiring all of our employees to fill out a health & safety survey every morning to monitor their temps and respond to various other questions to ensure they are paying attention to their body during COVID-19. We created an email that is supposed to send out every morning at a specific time as a reminder with a link to the survey however the workflows we have devised to create this daily recurring email send are not functioning reliably.


A simple LOOP would be infinately awesome!  :-/0

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Thanks for the comment, @NaturaHQ!

This is another great use case! I always find HubSpot a great tool for communications with employees.


I was thinking right now and maybe we can set in the workflow to enroll contact (or other objects) at another workflow and then that workflow enrolls the object to the original workflow. It's not the prettiest workaround but maybe works.




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Excellent suggestion


Yes! The ability to schedule wokflows to automatically re-execute with a specified frequency or at a specified time (hour, day of the week, month, etc.) seems like a very basic functionality which is sadly missing. Would save us a great deal of time and the added step of having to extract information from the hubspot platform and move it to other (more flexible) programs.


Yes! I understand why they wouldn't allow it, but there are times when you have a sane exit strategy for a loop that it make sense.  I've spoken with support and they say their "work around" is clone a workflow 2-3 times and reference each one - that is a recipe for disaster.   Please allow us to loop if we know what we're doing.


our use case for loop is a daily check of any deal where a deal "renewal reminder date" is set, to create a task 90 days before that date, using information from the deal.


Only being able to set a "number of days" delay from the time a record "enrolls", means we cannot handle variable length contracts.


The workflow will not allow us even to do something relatively simple, like if the deal has a "renewal date" value set but it's over 90 days in the future, to loop the "if/then" option back to a 7 day delay

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Any monthly communication would benefit from this - if we can't do a loop in workflows, why not allow an email to be scheduled to reoccur on a schedule? Going to take a crack at looping two workflows, but I'm worried about enrollment criteria causing them to double up.


Yeah, I think this would be great. In my case, I'm envisioning using an infinite loop to automate some manual field entry. 


Specifically, for each individual record, I track "touches" i.e. the number of times we have reached out to that person. The reason being that it's useful to understand average touches to conversion based on data sources or individual employees and their efficiency, etc. The Touches field is a simple number field, so what I want to do is create a workflow loop that just says "Any time an email is sent to the prospect, update the Touch field by 1 value". There are probably other more interesting applications of the concept but this would be really neat, personally


I send a weekly reminder text message to all my customers, for them to update their meal orders for the following week. 

It's a reminder text message each week that I have to spend time doing again and again. It's a chore of task that I am now looking to outsource to a different software or CRM. 

HUBSPOT: Why cant we create a loop on a workflow???


It should already be out there! Definitely needed.

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Hi everyone,


I’m Megan, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s workflows tool. Thank you all for taking the time to upvote and comment on this Idea. I'm happy to report that this Idea is now In Planning. The product development process is always filled with unexpected bumps and hurdles, so I can't give an exact  timeline, but all updates will be relayed on this thread, so stay tuned.


Thank you!



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Glad to see that this is in planning! This would be super useful to a lot of my clients.


Glad to hear that it was in planning back in May. How are we looking now?

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Hi @TimWheeler79 ,


Thanks for following up. This feature is actively in development at this time. When we're closer to a beta launch, this thread will be updated.





Can't wait for this!!


Following this, much needed!


@MeganLegge Any update on this? Really need a feature like this asap.




This would extremely helpful for our team. We work with potential candidates in our CRM and need the ability to enroll back into certain workflows.


I'm keen to hear an update on this too. Within the workflow I tried to add the 'Go to another action' option to link it back to the top, effectively looping it so it repeats as per the delay, but HubSpot won't allow me to do this. Thanks.