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Loom integration

I would love to get integration with Loom the same way Hubspot has with Vidyard. Vidyard is for many very expencive, this is where Loom comes in! Loom is only $8 per month and you get a tonn of features.


Please vote on this...

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@hubspotAny update on this?

This would provide wonderful functionality for our Customer Support team!


think this is such a good idea and our company would greatly benefit from this

would be great to have the feature of recording live via a click here to record a loom in a form functionality


Will hop on the dog pile here. Loom is the best (and easiest) screen capture/video maker. I personally use it all the time in various capacities and would LOVE to be able to add loom videos to my sales emails in HubSpot. 


*doing my best oliver twist voice* please sir, can we have a loom integration, sir?