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I would love to get integration with Loom the same way Hubspot has with Vidyard. Vidyard is for many very expencive, this is where Loom comes in! Loom is only $8 per month and you get a tonn of features.


Please vote on this...

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This would be absolutely amazing. coudn't agree more


A update on this would be to implement the new LoomSDK - This is quick and easy, we did implement this in our SaaS within 3 hours. This would allow us to record and embed video directly when creating an email or ticket and would be realy helpfull!


Yes. We'd love to use the Loom integration to record video for our sales team. It would be great to utilize the feedback (engagement) features for better sales delivery emails/reachout.

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Agree! Loom is great for design processes, integrating with markup.io. We use markup on HubSpot and Wordpress to collaborate with clients on revisions, and use Loomly which integrates with markup to add context to revisions in the design process. It would be awesome to seem Loom integrated!

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This is an absolute must. We use loom for hundreds of training and how-to videos with clients, and even find that we use loom to describe workflows, train users on hubspot instances, etc.  It's by far the easiest tool to use on the market.


Agreed please do


This has my vote, also. Even if the intergration only provided video previews of the link, it would help.