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Looking for functionality to automatically copy notes from a deal to the notes in a contact

Looking for the functionality that will automatically (maybe with an on/off toggle, in case some people won't use this functionality) copy notes recorded within a deal to the notes activity for a contact.

For example, if a customer has a deal open for one of their contacts and they are putting notes into the deal, once that note is saved, it will auto-copy those notes to the contacts notes as well.

Use-cases I could see this being used for are if a contact goes through multiple deals per year this will allow all notes from several deals to be compiled for a contact automatically rather than needing to "associate" the contacts every time.

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This is very needed. Thank you very much for bring this up. 😊


I agree.  Some members on my team add notes to the contacts they add. It is my job to change leads to deals and add to the pipeline.  When you click on the contact (or deal) it brings you to deals' notes, not contact notes.  This makes it hard to follow previous correspondence.  You then have switch from deal screen to contact screen.  Not very functionable.


We need this as we have different pipeline for different team to take over deals. Each teammate might leave notes in the deal for other teams.. 


YES - urgently need this!


This is a must as if the note is done in the Company by mistake we need it in the contact as we operate on retail basis

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This is a functionality that we desperately need.


We could really use this.  Our callers make notes that would be helpful to have copied over into the deal notes for our sales team to use.