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Looking for a solution for multiple deals for different contacts for the same project?

I am working with a client and they sell street furniture. Their products are often specified on tender documents. Once the tender is released they will have 10+ different customers request a quote for the same products and the client knows only one will be awarded the tender. 


Looking for a solution where the deal is only entered once into the pipelie so it doesn't skew their reporting. Is  there a work around or will we need to create a custom object?

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Hi @Mvirtue ,


We've got a similar situation at a few businesses we work with.

Did you find a solution to your situation?


None of the businesses we're with can at this stage justify Enterprise to access Custom Objects.


So we're looking into a range of alternate solutions at the moment, as each business use case is slightly different, including one or more of:

  • Custom properties to record Tender/Project names.
  • Capturing Tenders as "Child" Companies to the Tendering Company - leveraging Parent/Child relationships
  • Using Flexible Associations to associate one Primary "Tendering Company" and a bunch of "RFQ Companies" as needed. And updating on Closed Won to retain only the successful RFQ bidder.
  • Capturing Tenders in a separate database - e.g. just a Google Sheet - and using the Custom Cards API to allow users to select the relevant Project or create a new one.
  • Using separate Pipelines. Having a primary Deals valued at the forecast Tender amount in one Pipeline. Then deals for RFQs from customers go into a separate pipeline valued at $0.
  • On Closed Won we use workflows to update certain fields to ensure correct data is represented and reporting is accurate.


We're still working through what will work best in each business.

It would be great if you could share any insights as to what your solution entailed.



Hi @Brucey
We ended up creating a tender custom object (which you can do with sales professional). We add the original tender to their sales pipeline and then have created another "tender bid" custom object pipline where all the requests for quote on the tenders are stored. When a customer is awarded the tender we then associate the tender bid with teh tender in the sales pipeline. 
Works really well for the client and they are happy.

Hoe this helps.

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Hi @Mvirtue,


Thanks so much for the update. Really appreciate it.


You mentioned you can create a custom object in Sales Pro. However, in talking to my CAM and all HubSpot documentation seems to say you can't have Custom Objects without at least one Enterprise Hub. Does your client have Enterprise level in a Hub other than Sales? Or something I'm missing?


Thanks again.