Logging no longer "sticky" and creating issues

Today I found out that the formerly "sticky" email logging function is no longer saved and everytime you send an email to someone under your "do not log" list you're emails aren't logged after that unless you remember to go into your HubSpot Gmail bundle on the home email page and click logging and tracking settings and then click log again. 


This is very cumbersome and has created a lot of stress for my team and myself. We need the logging to be "sticky" again or there needs to be better control options. For instance if Admin's controlled logging abilities it would be easier to monitor these issues. Also unless you have logged checked it should ask you prior to sending every email "You're not logging this email, do you want too?" 


For a B2B sales team like ours it is very important to have a trail of comms in one place, expecially if you are in communication with an entire company, having that visibility into comms like that is important.