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Logging marketing emails

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This needs more attention. If a marketing email has ever been edited or has smart content areas, there's no way to see exactly what someone was sent. 


100% agreed. What's the point of a CRM if you can't see all the emails the person was sent including the content of each?


Totalmente de acuerdo.

Este tema es muy importante y es una limitación como está actualmente estructurado.


Un saludo.


We're actually just dealing with a situation where not having transactional and marketing emails logged is causing us some issues. 
one of our customers disputed their payment to us with their bank, we now have to submit adequate proof to Stripe to fight the dispute and not being able to show a normal email thread displaying what was sent to the customer via a transactional email is a huge pain to get it accomplished. 

In any legal or compliance cases where let's say a customer threatens to sue the company for false advertising being able to see what was sent to the customer in a marketing or transactional email is a must. Will sending oneself a test email hold in court and on a legal ground? 

I think this feature is more important than may appear.