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Logging marketing email replies to team email in contact record

Currently you can only view replies to our team email address (marketing@) in the Conversations area...which is only accessible to marketing team members. Would love for email replies to marketing to be able to be logged directly in a contact's record, so the sales team can view replies we've received from marketing outreach for prospects that they've been working.

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Right now, you cannot view the response that a contact sends to a marketing email until the person who sent the email responds to that contact's response.

Example/Plain Language:

Kate enrolls Martha in a marketing email campaign, or Martha receives an automatic email from Kate when Martha fills out a form on our website. Martha gets an email or two from Kate. Martha responds to the emails. NO ONE except Kate can see the email Martha sent until Kate responds to Martha's email.


Responses to marketing emails should be logged and visible in the contact object, just like all other emails.

Why this is needed:

Here's just one example: let's say Kate is OOO when her automatic emails send. If we can't get ahold of Kate, no one in the company will be able to see what Martha said, which may be asking for a demo or something else time-sensitive.

Who would benefit:

Marketers, Operations Individuals, Sales People