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Logging email to associated Deals - more than the first three

First of all, it is great to see that both Chrome  and O365 extension enables users to pick what deals and/or tickets an email should be logged to. It's way better than logging the email to all associated object records. 

However, since this feature is only showing the first three records that the contact was associated with, the feature loses most of its value from the moment a contact is associated with the 4th deal or ticket.


Background: We have contacts who have been customers for years, and can have plenty of deals associated with them. Only showing the first 3 deal records associated with their contact record, could mean that we're only able to log emails to deals that have close dates in, for example, 2018 and deal stages == closed won or closed lost, but not being able to log emails to any of the open deals with close dates now in 2021. 


We need to see either the whole list of associated deals for a contact, or be able to define what three (3) deals should be shown in the add-in (perhaps the newest created, or latest activity date).


Again, it's great development that we can choose what deals to associate the email with, but it falls short when it's only showing the first three (i.e.  the oldest) associated records. 

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This is a great idea - would love to see it made possible! Especially being able to control which deals are associated (filtering to only include open deals). 

HubSpot Employee

This is extremely valuable for any customer bringing in historical/past records into HubSpot of for those folks who are long time customers have HubSpot and I would love to see this updated. 🙂 


Totally agree. We too have multiple repeat customers who can have multiple deals/tickets associated with them. Need to see an update where we can search/select more than just the first three deals for the communication to be associated with. 


Changing to the 3 most recently created deals would solve a lot of the issue for us while being a relatively minor adjustment!