Logging call - Follow up task - Being able to change Time Due

Hi all,


I've tried to see if there's already an idea posted about this, but I couldn't find one that matches what I'd like changing:


When logging a call, you can also create a follow up task. Great - efficient! Often, when I speak to people, they ask me to ring back later that day. 


Now, I can set up a follow up task for today, but it automatically defaults to 8am, which means I'm creating an overdue task for myself every time I want to follow up on the same day.


I want this to change so that you can also add "due time" to any follow up task you create when logging a call or meeting.





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It makes more sense for any follow-up task to default to present time the original task was made since that was the successful time that we may have connected with the contact. So instead of going to 8AM, it should default to that exact time task is being made. 


Or at least have a feature to choose between present time or 8AM as default.

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We would like the ability to change the default days/time for the create follow-up task from the Call Log. Our always has 3 days set as the default elapsed time,. but it is never going to be 3 days for us, so if we could change the default it would be nice.

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Great idea! That would make this feature so much more efficient! I end up creating the task, then going to the task to change the time.

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Exactly @BryceHarenburg ! Wouldn't it be better if you could assign a due time as you create the task too 🙂 

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Once logging a call, one is given the option to make a follow-up call. However, the feature does not allow one to specify the time (it only uses the default 8am time).Once logging a call, one is given the option to make a follow-up call. However, the feature does not allow one to specify the time (it only uses the default 8am time).

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@DML19 check with your Admin to see about permissions. I change this all the time. 

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@gelflex-cc Thanks for your note. I am the company Amin. I change it as well. My suggestion is that currently, after you log a call, if you want to set up a task to make a follow up call later in the (same) day, the immediate default is for 8am that same day.  You then have to go into the 'Activity' Tab and open up the Task and change it from 8am to a time later in the day.


My suggestion is to add an extra field to allow you to set the time for the Task in the 'Log Activity' pop up window 

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@DML19 then I would recommend moving this to the idea forum. 

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Ahh the ideas have been merged. Nice one! Glad to see others would like to see this functionality too.

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When creating a follow up task from a function, like Logging a call, you can select dates, but you can't pick a time or assign the follow-up task for a specific queue:




So, what I have to do now is go to the upcoming task, open Details and pick a time and a queue:




...which are extra steps that could be taken care of when the follow-up task is assigned in the first place.


Anyone else having this issue or have a different way to accomplish this?


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@GNorman I am doing the same thing essentially.  I take the early morning hours and adjust the time and place in the appropriate queques.  This works for me as the group I am contacting does not want calls before 10 AM typically but they are all over the country. 

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Good to see the ideas were merged... 


One other thing I note... If I make a call and then schedule to make a second call the same day, I do NOT receive an email notification from HubSpot. That should be the case....not sure why it is not working. 


I DO receive an email notification if it is scheduled for the next day (or any other day) 

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@DML19 Interesting as I set up calls for the same day and never thought about the email as I look for tasks and have turned off the email notification for every task.  Just curious, why email and not looking at the tasks list?


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Great question... its just out of habit. When I statred using HS, the web-based app was not stellar. And since I made a lot of calls from remote locations (not in front of my PC) I simply defaulted to using the emails to guide me rather than Tasks component in the App/Website. 



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@DML19 Makes a lot of sense.  I used to use the emails too but then it got out of control for me so I switched to the task list. I still receive the popup notification for the task but fell this is easier to "ignore" than an email.  When you are remote, what are you using? So if I went to the library or another office and had use of a pc, I would log in and then log out.  In the cases of "shared" computers, I use the two-step authentication and need to remember to sign out. Many times I dump the cache and cookies as well as restart the computer.