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Logging an activity to multiple contacts

Many of my sales interactions (calls, meetings, etc.) involve more than one contact within HubSpot. It would be very useful if there was a way to log an activity to multiple contacts by way of the "@" symbol or some other means. For example, say you do a presentation at XYZ company with contacts #1, #2, and #3. I'd like to be able to log that meeting and use the "@contact#2, and @contact#3 " or some other means to have that activity also get logged to the other contacts. This would save steps and provide an easy means of making sure all the participants in a given meeting are logged with the same activity. 

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April 04, 2019 12:03 PM

Hi all, thanks for the feedback! This was delivered a while back. Apologies for the delayed update! This article ( illustrates where you can toggle the Associations on an activity timeline event.

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August 08, 2017 12:44 PM

We are currently actively working on allowing users to explicitly associate engagements with contacts, companies and deals. 

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I agree!!  I have meetings with over 30ppl sometimes and it would be great to log that activity to multiple contacts at the same time.  I would think it woud be similar to bulk updates, just needs the function there as well.


Yes! Please! This used to be possible, with meeting records, but that capability was recently removed... very disappointing. Most of my meetings involve multiple contacts, and it's important to be able to quickly see when the most recent touch-point was. I would prefer not to have to re-log meeting notes, multiple times, to do that.


Yes please!! This is key to the core function of Hubspot. Individually logging the meeting on each person's contact is time consuming and doesn't make sense.



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I completely agree with the users' comments. I have just switched over from Insightly, am now paying £500 + per month and the one email address to one contact is a major issue. 
To an extent, I could live with it short-term if there was a way to manually link a received email to more than 1 contact when forwarding from Gmail (same an Insightly does), but there isn't. So emails get split over several 'same' contacts 7 we completely lose the thread of the conversation. 
This is basic stuff for a CRM system.


Actually, i'd say this is more than a request, its a requirement and show stopper to use Hubspot.  Very simple to do with Salesforce/Pardot.  Considering to change with this MAJOR limitation. 


Also, agree that this is a MASSIVE limitation.  With other CRMs you have the option to bulk import tasks, notes, or activities (past dated or for the future).  With Hubspot you can't do even the slightest bit.  Really disappointing realization as a new convert to Hubspot.


I could definitely see this being useful, even for call logging activities. We sometimes have one call that references multiple customers (contact records) and it'd be great to see an "@" mention capability that allows you to log to more than one contact record at a time.


yes, being able to log an activity and a note to multiple contacts at once is important. 

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We are currently actively working on allowing users to explicitly associate engagements with contacts, companies and deals. 


Yes! This is a great idea. Also would be wonderful to mark any mass marketing appeals that are not directly tracked!


 Bringing to top again -  adding updated activities to multiple contacts 


Any status update on this?   


"We are currently actively working on allowing users to explicitly associate engagements with contacts, companies and deals. 


This should be a priority!


Yes. I have been chatting with customer support about this and they asked me to log the idea here. Thankfully someone has already requested this


Agreed, this is a major limitation. You can add a company bit not a contact. 

Seems obvious.




I just called Hubspot support to figure this out as I could not believe that this is not possible. 


If you are logging the meeting or call directly on the contact's page, you are in fact not able to add another person to that interaction. However, if you go to the Company's Hubspot page, you can associate multiple contacts with the same engagement. 


So to log engagements with more than 1 participant, always go to the company page. It will appear in both contact's engagement stream afterwards. 


I thought to post this here as it may help someone with the same problem I was facing. 


@StefanNordbruch  Thanks!  With that thought, it would automatically update every contact associated with the company.  For example let's say I just want to create an activity for 15ppl out of the 4,000 contacts for that company, how do I do that?



@closcialo Thanks for sharing your insight.  I see that if I log the meeting starting with the company, I can add multiple contacts FOR THAT COMPANY.  I still can't add contacts from multiple organizations. Hubspot should address this.  It is not unusual to have a phone call or meeting will multiple people from multiple organizations.  Hubspot is a contact - relationship - management system after all. I'm using the free version, so I guess you get what you pay for. 


Waiting for this too!


I am waiting for this feature too.  Simply stated, I have an email that I sent to two Contacts.  They work at different Companies.  When logging the activity, we should have an "Add a Contact" button to associate the activity with multiple Contacts.


Someone earlier here suggested that you go to the Company to log the activity for multiple Contacts, but let's say you have a meeting with 5 or 30 people, from multiple Companies, and you want to just log the activity and click, click to associate the right Contacts, this really should be a feature we have available.  There is a button to "Add a Company" and have multiple companies on the logged activity, should be the same for "Add a Contact".


If you want to keep it to one Deal always to log the activity that's probably ok, but I bet someone else here has meetings where they address more than one Deal in the meeting and want to not have a grey box over the "Add a Deal" button to add more.


I appreciate that HubSpot responds to the feedback here, I remember when we couldn't add another email address to Contacts and that got fixed, hope the same happens to fix this issue too quickly, it is hurting our productivity in the interim.