Logging an activity to multiple contacts

Many of my sales interactions (calls, meetings, etc.) involve more than one contact within HubSpot. It would be very useful if there was a way to log an activity to multiple contacts by way of the "@" symbol or some other means. For example, say you do a presentation at XYZ company with contacts #1, #2, and #3. I'd like to be able to log that meeting and use the "@contact#2, and @contact#3 " or some other means to have that activity also get logged to the other contacts. This would save steps and provide an easy means of making sure all the participants in a given meeting are logged with the same activity. 

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It is amazing that Hubspot has been 'working on' this for a year and a half.  It is really time to have this available, already.

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Hi all,  I think this might work now from the Company page.  You can select the attendee contacts.  Note that the contacts have to already exist in your Hubspot database, so you might want to first add any missing contact records, then log the meeting under Company.  Hope this helps.  

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It is amazing that I can't tag a note with multiple companies/deals/contacts and have to copy/past the same note into multiple entries. Why would they block this? Makes no sense to me as the functionality is clearly there.


Added to my list of highly irritating features of Hubspot (second only to the automatic adding of all contacts on emails even if you only need to log the email in relation to one person on the email).


Stop sending me glib emails about "funny office pranks" and sort out these basic critical issues please.

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Yes, this. What Matt108 said. 




Just upvoting away - this issues has turned up a few times with our clients...

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Yes. Please incorporate. Pretty please Hubspot.

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Up vote, a feature I need desparately

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Here we are in 2019. I see a note in the thread that this was being worked on in July 2017. It would be great to be able to log calls to many contacts at once. When I'm tearing through cold calls the last thing I want to do is stop and log the call with several clicks. Let me just check off everyone I've called and log a call.

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We have the same issue that we have partner companies that join us in meetings and it important to know which customers had joint calls. Seems trivial as you can associate contacts from multiple companies.

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Up please !