Logging Emails to about a contact w/o sending email to that contact

Firstly, company employees are excluded from emails being tracked in my Hubspot account, but I want to email my team about a specific Contact/Client. The team email is about the Contact and I do not want to this email to be seen by the Contact. I do want this email to be tracked and logged on the Contacts page under emails and activity logs.  There is no where in HS wehere all bcc emails are housed so that I can go in and associate them with a specific Contact. This should be a farely easy thing to code as all of the bcc emails have to go somewhere. 


-Situation - I email my sales/onboarding team and bcc HS - "Dear Team, Bob of XYZ Co. has been unresponsive since he presented at our conference. Has anyone had a discussion with him?" . 


I want this email to go to my team, but only be saved/logged (the responses/opens) on Bob's HS contact page. That way everyone knows where we are at and everyone has the interaction on Bob's contact page. I do not need a ticketing system and I can add this email to a specific deals or his company later.) Right now, it is not in HS as I do not track internal emails through HS.


To send an email to one party, but then track it and get logs on another parties Contact page????