Log visitors IP address immediately in chat

Other messaging tools capture the end user's IP address immediately when they initiate a conversation with a representative. This is a valuable piece of information the ensures that the customer has the best experience possible.


There are many situations where the location of a customer will determine how the conversation is handled (which representative should handle the message, which products are available for a customer in that location or whether they need to purchase through a distributor, and so on and so forth).


Since HubSpot does capture IP addresses in other parts of the platform it seems like a simple ask for this to be extended to include the Messaging tool.



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I'm also desperate for this feature. Today Support told me that the chat will collect IP Country and IP address if the user hasn't blocked cookies, but I tested it over and over to no avail. Anyone else find a good solution yet?

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Yes, Hubspot should integrate this feature now, it's been years still not able to track user IP and country.

I tried intercom but it cost an arm and a leg for small business.

I am thinking to integrate collect.chat.

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More detail from chat is definitely needed. IP etc