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Log visitors IP address immediately in chat

Other messaging tools capture the end user's IP address immediately when they initiate a conversation with a representative. This is a valuable piece of information the ensures that the customer has the best experience possible.


There are many situations where the location of a customer will determine how the conversation is handled (which representative should handle the message, which products are available for a customer in that location or whether they need to purchase through a distributor, and so on and so forth).


Since HubSpot does capture IP addresses in other parts of the platform it seems like a simple ask for this to be extended to include the Messaging tool.



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Most other chat platforms display the user IP/location, browser/OS data to the agent. An agent can take different action based on this information.


For example, if we know that a user is browsing from a specific country the agent and change his chat pitch to get a meeting/call.


Our site visitors come from all over the globe and use our chat quite regularly for simple questions. However, the information we provide back is unique based on what country these people are from.


If would be very helpful when the user starts a conversation, it automatically pulls the country based on the IP rather than us having to manually ask them where they are from.


I have same question.


Totally agree. Since we have no reasonable* way to collect country in a chatbot conversation**, we created almost 25 workflows to take IP country and populate in the Country property, e.g. If IP Country is CA then set property Country to Canada. This is a bit of a show stopper for us if the bot can't identify the IP country. 

* We can't present the user with 100+ buttons to choose from their country and we can't ask them to type it in since that free text field might not match exactly the country value in the country picklist e.g. United States, vs USA vs US or even typo.
**We need this for routing leads to the correct regional Sales teams, but from the user perspective there is no need to provide the country he is in as it's totally irrelevant to what he wants. This is why we have no other option to than to use IP country.


We'd love this feature too!

We have several integrations world-wide and without visibility of the location of our prospects it's impossible to know which information is going to be relevant for them!


My team is desperate for this feature too - we just moved from Intercom where the Country IP was always shown - really important in our line of work for our CRM. 


I agree with the above comments. This is a critical feature for our startup in order to best respond to our guests and assign the best sales person to a new enquiry. It also seems like a fundamental feature in terms of basic customer data which we had when we used Intercom. It would be amazing if you could please prioritise this in your development as I’m sure it will be of great benefit to all of your customers. Thanks so much!




I'm really surprised that we don't currently get more info on the location/origin details of a visitor in the Hubspot Chat.


This was a core feature of our previous chat we moved from (and a rather common feature in popular live chat programs) - and it's making us feel rather blind when we're dealing with live chat users who are not identified yet via an email address. (but all users, in general)


I wonder if the problem in getting this data lies within HS data collection functionality in that a contact record needs to exist (which requires an email address as I understand it) in order to have a place to append data to, such as IP country. If this is the case, then why doesn't HS create temporary records for each unidentified chat?

It also puzzles me that even when the chatbot has collected a new email address and a record is automatically generated (via workflow, right?) and the IP field is consequently available for data collection/storage, why doesn’t the system read the cookie and populate the IP country field?

I was told by Support that the bot doesn’t collect cookies, which I also can’t understand. The system cookies a visitor on the page where the chatbot is running and the bot is able to identify an existing contact and associate that chat to that contact record, then why can’t the same cookie system be used to populate the IP country field of a newly generated record? 


I'm also desperate for this feature. Today Support told me that the chat will collect IP Country and IP address if the user hasn't blocked cookies, but I tested it over and over to no avail. Anyone else find a good solution yet?


Yes, Hubspot should integrate this feature now, it's been years still not able to track user IP and country.

I tried intercom but it cost an arm and a leg for small business.

I am thinking to integrate


More detail from chat is definitely needed. IP etc


+1 == most definitely needed

Understanding an anonymous visitor's geo-targeting helps us immediately qualify and structure the conversation of the live chat differently. If they are local > reps typically recommend one set of actions, if the are not local > push to another set of actions. 


As it stands right now we have zero data/intelligence about an anonymous visitor chatting. 


It's pretty weird how Hubspot isn't on top of the game here. This really isn't that difficult to display in chat - Hubspot already has this info anyways. 


Helpful information would also include data like the below (even for anonymous users)


Original Source URL/Type - So we can tell how they found us / where they clicked in from

Original Campaign Source - So we can tell if they're part of a specific marketing campaign


This is really simple to display, and extremely necessary to our chat team!


i totally agree with all the abova, its a shame that Hubspot doesnt have integrated yet this simple but pretty important piece of data.


We used Zendesk before, and it did have that IP adress + the previous pages visited by the user.


I see this idea was launched since the beginning of 2018. It's been one and half year now. Please add the feature of recognizing country from livechat!


Can't believe this feature isn't available! 😱


Yes, its good to have.

Even we are looking for same feature ASAP

For now we again have to move to twak and we are not able to utilize hubspot chat.


Another thing we need is if same user come again to visit chat then we are not getting their previous chat history so we should be able to get it as per cookies i guess.



I totally agree! That'd be great to have!