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IT would be graet to be able to get a log report of IP addresses for visitors to our website/ I'm not talking about visitors who complete a form--obviously we get those. I mean people who visit the site but don't fill in the form. I'd like to get a report on the IP address as well as a time/date stamp.

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We should be able to see, inside the Hubspot prospects tool, the IP address that was used to determine which company was visiting the website, to support reporting and campaign efforts. 


HubSpot Support advised this data is recorded but not kept: "The tool gathers information by recording the public IP addresses from which the content is accessed, but the IPs are not saved in HubSpot." (ref: #636284)



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I'm looking for the same as we had a company name added that had completed unrelated info/domain filled into that company. If i had the IP i could determine whether the domain info is correct or if the unrelated company name was correct, for that traffic on our site!

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IP Addresses are very useful to prospecting! We do need this!

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Not just that. XYZ corporation may have dozens of IPs associated with their company, one of which may actually be their Bay Area office, another their NYC, and another their Texas. You only let me know it’s XYZ corporation, whereas if you gave the IP too, we’d be able to ascertain the location, and just try to prospect with team members in the Texas office instead of all of the team members in all three offices. This is technically info that also exists in my website server logs, but if I’m to go wading through that data and build tools to extract it, I might as well not use HubSpot...

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This would be very useful. For example, we use chat on our website and the chat transcript provides the IP address of the visitor. If we could look up that IP in the Prospects area we would be able to determine the source of the lead. 

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Any updates on this?