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Log emails on mobile platforms (android/ios)

Hello, would be great if you could extend the same email logging/tracking to the mobile platforms.  My company uses exclusively Android, and we have an unpredicable break in the the chain when emailing from Mobile.  I cannot yet identify which incoming/outgoing emails will be logged.  I am aware of the workaround to add the Hubspod address in the BCC field for outgoing messages.  


All that said, it's an added step for outgoing, and the feature is lacking completely for incoming emails.  

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Adding my "+" to this. Definitely not convenient not to have a "Log-in" function for the mobile email, considering how often people communicated on-the-go now 😕


I previously posted on this thread with the same complaint over a year (maybe 2) ago. Yes, the fact that I need to BCC each mobile email I send through my Outlook if not replying using the mobile app is extremely annoying still. The ONLY way to "Track" that email (knowing who opens it when) would be through Hubspot App.

And don't get me started on the inability to know who actually opened your email if you are sending to multiple people within the organization. It happens often that my emails (or replies) must go to multiple people at a company I work with. 


Hubspot wants us to use the mobile app for all replies or email from our phone. But this can extremely burdensome (and slow) if you live out of Outlook and are also replying to email threads within your own company. 


Is the contact even in there? Usually only their email address, regarded as "Name" in the App if they were included on an incoming email. 


It's all messy and burdensome. 







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