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Log emails on mobile platforms (android/ios)

Hello, would be great if you could extend the same email logging/tracking to the mobile platforms.  My company uses exclusively Android, and we have an unpredicable break in the the chain when emailing from Mobile.  I cannot yet identify which incoming/outgoing emails will be logged.  I am aware of the workaround to add the Hubspod address in the BCC field for outgoing messages.  


All that said, it's an added step for outgoing, and the feature is lacking completely for incoming emails.  

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Please add this feature!! Wiithout the Chrome extension (like on mobile), emails should still be logged....this is tablestakes and a must-have feature. Please make it "just work."


@hubspot  @SFHubspot  --- What in the world is going on? Can you please address why you haven't added this feature? Why isn't it available in the mobile app? Why aren't you responding to anyone who continually comments in this thread? I get 2 notifications a week from this thread of people BEGGING to add tracking to emails sent from mobile. At least give us some sort of workaround. Maybe they have to be logged after the fact from a desktop. Maybe it's an autobcc on mobile... SOMETHING. This is absolutely crazy!


I cannot believe this needs to be voted on. Is this a sales platform? Is email from this platform enabled and automatically logged on the platform? Is there a mobile app? Can you email from the mobile app? 


And yet the email isn't logged.... 4 years after this question was asked...  

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Businesses that work from their vans in the field - and their phones. Definitely need this. They need to be able to see all their incoming and track replies in HubSpot. Are there any plans in the near future to include this feature?


Is this a current road-mapped item.? Can the Hubspot product management team provide an update on when this will be released.?  

Over 4 years of time and self-explanatory justification, can Hubspot provide a formal update.?  






I used Zoho in a previous company and all we had to do was connect (sign into) our google account to connect them and then it would track your emails no matter what device or email client we used. Hubspot is WAY WAY WAY behind on this one!!