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Log emails on mobile platforms (android/ios)

Hello, would be great if you could extend the same email logging/tracking to the mobile platforms.  My company uses exclusively Android, and we have an unpredicable break in the the chain when emailing from Mobile.  I cannot yet identify which incoming/outgoing emails will be logged.  I am aware of the workaround to add the Hubspod address in the BCC field for outgoing messages.  


All that said, it's an added step for outgoing, and the feature is lacking completely for incoming emails.  

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Massive upvote from me. Hardly anyone is at their desk and the cc address is an added and unnecessary step. Please action requests doing back to 2016


This would be an extremely helpful feature! it's completely unrealistic to get the sales team to BCC consistantly and outlook has removed the rule for auto BCC, making the problem worse. 


We have both internal sales reps that sit a desk and outside reps who are mostly on the road. It is very cumbersome and clunky for them to track their email communication through their mobile devices (their main day-to-day device for work). The mobile app/hubspot doesn't have an inbox area that is only for specific users so you have to find each contact to see your email communication rather than scrolling through your email account inbox where you can see multiple emails at once. The HubSpot inbox would work for this but since it is a team inbox and anyone can view it we can't use the inbox for that purpose. So it seems like for now our only option is the BCC workaround. Would hope this is something that is changing shortly. 


This mobile extension is a necessary in a mobile first world! Could we please get an update soon? 


This mobile extension is a necessary in a mobile first world! Could we please get an update soon? Our team uses the Gmail app on their phones

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Very much needed functionality -  as a HubSpot partner many customers asking us about this as this is crucial for any sales, founder, mobile working person. 


How is this not part of your system? This is very frustrating in today's world. Do I need to tell you people use their phones quite a bit for work, particularly on the road and on weekends? 


No mobile extension is needed. HubSpot has IMAP access to email accounts. Just pull sent emails into Hubspot the same way you access inbound emails. This is how other CRMs handle it and it works well.


Very surprised that this capability has not yet been developed.  More and more people moving to iPad OS and Android as their primary platform.  We shouldn't need to rely on users to bcc emails.  


What would it take to get this moved up the roadmap?  


I'm a bit gobsmacked that this isn't even part of the original product strategy.'mobile is central to how we all work and most work a default email to communicate, in my view because the functionality over Hubspots conversations tool is far better (labels, filters etc) and I wasn't even aware, until now, that emails weren't logged / tracked . Seems bizarre. Can anyone advise on the thinking behind this massive gap?


Been following this request/issue since before my initial post on this (see page). Glad to see this is hopefully starting to gain more attention but still don't believe there's been a fix. Anyone who hasn't at this point, please don't forget to click & "upvote" this original post's idea.


Other than that, I also wanted to make sure everyone is aware that "" is not affiliated with Hubspot although there has been an individual posting on this topic, at least twice now, promoting the solution as an alternative. The verbiage makes it seem like the individual is speaking on behalf of Hubspot on this idea/topic; however, that is not the case (troll). A bit deceptive in my opinion. 






I work for on of the worlds largest biotech companies (Ginkgo Bioworks) and finally convined our CEO to connect his Gmail / Calendar to HubSpot. He does a ton of BD work for us so this was a big step in capturing all prospects and contextual information. The first question he asked me was, "How do I do this from my mobile phone". Telling him he couldn't was a bad first impression to HubSpot. Please prioritize this! 


Another vote for mobile email integration!  Very surprised to find out this isn't already an option.




This single limitation makes Hubspot completely unusable for me. 


What a shame.


Couldn't agree more, our last CRM would read outlook as a service so the device to which the email was sent from was indifferent. It's absolutely vital to have such functionality going forward otherwise all mobile messaging is lost to the ether




Are you kidding? Its not tracking mobile emails?!


It really is mind-boggling that this is functionally is not yet available...


As a every recent CRM, please add this feature ! 


This really frustrates me too - I've used other CRMs where after syncing the email account, any email you send or receive that matches a CRM contact is automatically pulled in.


I'm exploring the idea of building an add-on that does this...I don't think it could do "tracked" emails (as if they were sent in HS natively), but I think I could likely set it up where all inbound and outbound emails that match a contact would be automatically pulled into the CRM (regardless of email client, mobile, etc).


Of course the real question, is this a legit problem that's worth paying a subscription to solve?


Toying around with this at