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Log emails on mobile platforms (android/ios)

Hello, would be great if you could extend the same email logging/tracking to the mobile platforms.  My company uses exclusively Android, and we have an unpredicable break in the the chain when emailing from Mobile.  I cannot yet identify which incoming/outgoing emails will be logged.  I am aware of the workaround to add the Hubspod address in the BCC field for outgoing messages.  


All that said, it's an added step for outgoing, and the feature is lacking completely for incoming emails.  

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Yes! Greatly needed. Following - in hopes that this is resolved.


Here is an interesting work around I found so far: This app will auto bcc the hubspot tracking email.


I agree with this need. We are relatively new to HubSpot and don't even have all our sales team setup yet so until recently we didn't realize that any emails sent via mobile are not tracked. This is a huge issue for us as our field crews work primarily from their mobile phones (a mix of Android and Apple). Our inside sales prepare quotes and forward to the corresponding field staff as they are the main point of contact for the customer. He/she then forwards on to the customer and at that point it is lost. 


I'm hoping a solution is presented to this soon. 



The BCC option just isn't practical. Our field staff are in all kinds of mines / quarries / mills / etc. I just don't see them remembering to BCC a hubspot address on every single email they send...which usually happens when they quickly check their emails in the truck. 

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Agreed. Upvoted as well 🙂


New to hubspot. Just went to reply to a potential client's email on my android smartphone and realised that if I did, it wouldn't be logged amywhere. Major downfall for our business as hubby and I answer a lot of emails on our phones at night or early mornings.


I know there are technical limitations. I get that. Why would we not be able to use the HubSpot app to send/receive email via mobile?


I agree with all upvotes there that this is literally what you do - you are are a sales/marketing CRM. Mobile is dominant and isn't showing signs of stopping. This needs to be addressed. Even if you just say, "we're not going to do it, sorry, but here are some people who do."


I even found a thread from 2016 of someone asking for this and the "Community manager" said, "email tracking functionality for the mobile app is on the roadmap for the future, so stay tuned!" 2016 @hubspot. How long into the future is this going to happen? 




So more than 3 years ago, we heard that mobile email tracking is on the "roadmap". What will it take to get this into the delivery state???




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Hi  @ab, currently the new HubSpot Mobile App does not support email tracking, so you would not be able to send tracked/logged emails from your smartphone. If you have a Connected Inbox, and the first message that you sent was from your computer, replies to that message will get logged into the CRM, but, messages that were first sent from your phone will not get tracked/logged. 


However, an email tracking functionality for the mobile app is on the roadmap for the future, so stay tuned!


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We've been asking for this since 2016 in the forums. 2 years later someone follows HS advice of posting it here in the ideas section. Well it's 2020 already can we have this feature before corona virus kills us all? I got 3 rolls of toilette paper for a working solution! Any callers?


Hi Jack, We'll take your 3 TP rolls! ;-> 


Give this a try: -- still working on native HubSpot integration to provide a synchronized activity stream. Share your feedback and requirements with us here: 


HubSpot team,


July 2020 and still nothing. This continues to be a big gap, creating significant challenges for our organization. Why has this problem not been effectively addressed?




Wow, from 2016 and "soon" to total ignoring of the tread and requests, great job HS! 

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I'm not sure if anyone has already mentioned this.  Microsoft introduced an Add-in Capability in its Outlook iOS App.  This seems like an avenue HubSpot should pursue ASAP to fill this massive gap in communication Logging (and potentially Tracking).   It's worth mentioning that other CRM vendors are already listed in the Available Add-Ins.


What do we need to do to get the product manager's attention on this?






Adding another vote to this topic!


Our sales team is often mobile and they all can work on multiple deals. They need to be able to log mobile email to contacts, companies, and deals just like they can in the Gmail extension integration.


If this integrated with smartphones properly ideally with Outlook IOS iphones/ipads then this would definatly be a tool we would use for our field staff on the road... Please updated when you can! Thanks 


All my team track client comms in Hubspot but we miss alot of emails that are sent from mobile email clients.


I work pretty much exclusively in the Android Gmail app and having to remember to copy the fwd/bcc alias is not consistent. 


If you could track and log similarly to the web based Gmail that would be fantastic. Ensuring productivity was measured and comms were captures more consistently. 






The Gmail chrome feature is awesome. The lack of mobile support lets that down completely.

please consider adding this ASAP. We're all on mobile these days....


Some user use ipad/iphone with outlook. They have to manually add bcc adress, so can you add an outlook for ios plugin or add email function in ios app?




Can we can an update on email tracking / logging when emails are sent from mobile devices? I've come across several posts, as far back as 2016 saying its been a feature request, but it looks like this is still not supported. Almost all of our sales reps work off mobile devices, being able to track and log emails would be extermely benificial. 


Link to old posts for refrence:


March (almost April) 2021 - feature still not supported. The only feedback I've received is to "upvote" this post for years ago. 


@midboez As great as Hubspot is, a constant source of frustration for me is the stock answer of "please post in the community forums" where I know threads like this exist...