Log emails on mobile platforms (android/ios)

Hello, would be great if you could extend the same email logging/tracking to the mobile platforms.  My company uses exclusively Android, and we have an unpredicable break in the the chain when emailing from Mobile.  I cannot yet identify which incoming/outgoing emails will be logged.  I am aware of the workaround to add the Hubspod address in the BCC field for outgoing messages.  


All that said, it's an added step for outgoing, and the feature is lacking completely for incoming emails.  

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I agree. It is difficult in the world of technology to be challenged.  I can not remember my BCC email and to have to send each email there is counter-intuitive to automation. 


While there are not a lot of comments here. There are in other places.


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This should not be limited to native Android and Apple mail platforms.

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Hi Hubspotters


Just want to add my voice to this request - it would definitely be a useful feature to have. My sales team spends a lot of time on the road, they'll never bother manually adding the bcc! My sales manager and I (I'm crm admin) are really pushing for the whole team to be using HS more in their daily routine but asking them to add to workload every time they send an email is.... unrealistic Smiley Happy



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This feature would really help as we have a sales team worldwide who use mobile over desktop. The current app is very limmited compared to desktop fucnitonality and even the mobile version does not provide an adequate solution yet. Looking forward to seeing this feature added in Smiley Happy

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Intriguing idea and this is so I can track it's developments also. Thank you all.

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This has been a serious pain point with the "mobile first" mentality and I can think of more than a dozen times this was critical to have just to regret sending email via mobile due to the lack of this tracking/reporting capability. I recently revisited yesware and thought Hubspot had to have this now but unfortunately that doesn't look to be the case yet. The problem without this is that without the appropriate tracking pixel or functionality tagged with the bcc email address, you'll end up with all sorts of mixed signals making the tracking/logging nearly worthless. IE: Send email with bcc via mobile (or without), reply to a reply via computer with tracking enabled, reply back again with mobile, etc.. etc.. Without a seamless experience, tracking quickly gets confused and/or inaccurate to the point of not being able to trust any of it unless you're "ok" with sales acting and making decisions off faulty information.


I've tried a few alternatives and would really prefer to have a solid process with Hubspot as a complete solution but I don't think it will work for modern growing businesses that rely on strong email communication without it.

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"How do we track emails sent from our mobile Gmail inboxes?" was one of the first questions my team asked when we recently adopted HubSpot. Having to remember to BCC the Hubspot address will not be consistently remembered. Please add the same tracking feature for mobile that is available for web.

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For such an advanced marketing platform, it's strange (to me) that Hubspot handles intentional, direct email so poorly...

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I fully agree. A number of my clients do want to reply from mobile and do not have the option to log the mails other than the bcc approach. Please take it up.


It's unreal that HubSpot doesn't support logged/tracked emails from mobile devices by default. 

Thankfully I'm on the free version, if I was paying for this... I'd be embarrassed. 


Will have to explore alternatives since I use my mobile to send and receive work related emails all the time, and I think it's unreasonable to require me to remember to copy/paste a BCC on every single email I send. That's what I'd be paying the platform to do for me.