Log email to more than 10 contacts


Currently HubSpot's Sales tool has a limit such that an email can only be logged to 10 contacts maximum. It'd be great if this limit was increased to beyond 10 contacts

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Our clients often have large distribution lists between 15 and 25 recipients. With the current tracking limitations, the Hubspot Gmail integration is not useful for a reasonably large share of our client distribution lists (30-40% of distro lists are 10+ recipients). As email tracking is a key feature for why we signed up for Hubspot, this limitation has negative impacts on the utility of Hubspot for our team.


Not only is the list limited to 10, but manually adding additional recipients is also problematic and resets itself if you don't get it right in one go. Further, email addresses are visible because you cannot use the BCC line and log (or track), this is also not ideal. 


More importantly though is the continued problem with associations. If someone replies and I sent a message to a list of 10 or 17 or whatever, that reply associates itself to everyone on the list, which creates needless amounts of work to disassociate them and needlessly clutters the client records. The associations issue has been a problem for a long time both in gmail and outlook and is also the reason I can't simply forward messages. When will these issues be addressed? As of right now, whether I can add 10 or not, the ongoing problem with associations puts me back to sending single emails.