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I think it will be great if we can add subject on call logging. In our company we have multiple campaigns with cold calling going on on the same time and when a person logs a call with info to specific campaign it cannot be differentiated from the other calls. Will be great if we can segment/filter calls based not only by agent, but by subject.

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Hey Ivan,


We've just done a bunch of work on integrating our cloud based phone system, Cradle, with HubSpot.


For this specific use case, you could have a phone number that you use specifically for each campaign. From there with some of the properties that we create in HubSpot, along with HubSpots own automation tools, you could make a workflow to attribute all of those calls to your specific campaign. Neat, huh! 


There's some more information on what this could look like here.


Get in touch if you're keen to find out more!


Joel | cradle.io | joel@cradle.io