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Log activity without completing task

It would be very convenient to be able to log activities under a contact which you have a task scheduled for without having to complete the task at the same time.  This would allow ease of updating / moving tasks without having to create a new task every time you want to log an activity.  Significant time saver.  Thanks.

ステータスに更新: Being Reviewed
July 10, 2022 03:27 PM

Hi Community,


Thank you for all the continued feedback on this issue. I'm updating this from 'Delivered' to 'Being Reviewed' as I can see from a number of comments in the issue that it is still not possible to complete the 'Log call' action without also completing a Task. The initial update that was delivered only allows for Calls to be completed separately from Task completion if you are making the Call from the HubSpot CRM... IE: when using the 'Call' function rather than the 'Log a call' function. 


We are reveiwing this issues in 2 ones.


1. We are reviewing the concept of "Connecting" Tasks to Activities such as Calls and Emails at a larger scale, and decisions made here could potentially resolve this issue as a result. 

2. We are reviewing this issue directly in the event that we cannot solve the larger issues related to the interplay between Tasks + Activities, in which case we would provide a similar solution to what you see for the exsiting solution when making a Call directly from HubSpot.


I'll continue to review comments as they come in. One question I am curious about at the moment - when creating these Tasks intiially, are you also having issues with the fact that these Tasks always default to the 'Call' functionality (to call directly from the CRM)? Would a better solution include an additional option to create a 'Log call' task as opposed to a 'Call' task? 


ステータスに更新: Delivered
March 15, 2021 12:23 PM

Hi HubSpot community - it is now possible to log calls or send emails without completing tasks while running a task queue!




Thanks for the feedback here and let us know if there is any other questions/feedback. 


Thank you,



 New post on Ideas so they do it on notes too. Let's hope they change it soon!



Yes would LOVE this. 


I still see this as an issue on my end.  I am forced to complete a task when I log activity on a contact.  Is everyone else still experiencing this issue?  Thanks



I’m afraid it’s still the same :(--


Same here


Very needed feature


yes, I need this back as well, only want to log call, I DO NOT WANT TO COMPLETE TASK


We are experiencing it also and it's been very frustrating that it is like this now.  I hate that it now makes you complete the task, we want to leave it open.  This was not like this when we first started with hub spot and now a bunch of our tasks were closed out and our sales guys didn't realize they were doing it.   Can we get rid of the "Log call and complete task button"  and just go back to log call?  I don't want to open up another task.


This is still an issue for our workflow. Is it currently possible to log a call or email without completing the task? 

HubSpot Employee

Hi everyone,

It looks like the abiity to to log a call without completing the task is only available when we actually place the call via HubSpot's call tool. The steps are: 

  1. Create a task with type Call.
  2. Navigate to the contact record and call the contact via the tool.
  3. There will be a prompt to either 'Save call and complete task' or 'Save call' only.

    It would be great if we could do this via the 'log a call' action, without actually placing the call via our call tool. I worked with a customer who wants to log calls (and not complete tasks) but does not use HS' calling feature 🙂

This is a necessary change! Would be very helpful



Sorry sjudson I don't know what your talking about or your screenshot.  It looks great butthere is no button with options like you've shown when we have a task queue and there is no setting anywhere in Hubspot to change this.

We also feel like it's very strange to have 'complete task' by default, because often logging a call includes the busy, no answer, wrong number, options which means the tasks clearly isn't complete.

Also, when you check the 'create follow up task' this doesn't let you edit the new task name, and because we've created our tasks from a workflow which has additional steps based on the completion of this task creating a new follow up task breaks that entire logic.




I don't understand why this is still an issue? Why can HubSpot not give the option of not completing a task when entering notes, emails, or calls. We have workflows based on task completion, and not having this option means that deals are getting moved around when they shouldn't be moving. 


This doesn't work for me - I'm still only getting "log call and complete task" with no arrow or other option. Does anyone know how to get this to work the way Scott's "Delivered" post says it is supposed to?


Any advance here? We're facing the same problem in my company


I don't understand why the option to complete a task by saving a note is even prioritized. This has never been what I'm trying to do when leaving a note at the same time as using the tasks tool. I always have to go back and un-complete the task.


I'd like to chime in and ask that this functionality be added to manually logged calls as well, please.


Very good idea !!


absolutely needed


Very much needed, couldn't be too hard to add!