Log activity without completing task


It would be very convenient to be able to log activities under a contact which you have a task scheduled for without having to complete the task at the same time.  This would allow ease of updating / moving tasks without having to create a new task every time you want to log an activity.  Significant time saver.  Thanks.

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Status updated to: Delivered
Mar 15, 2021

Hi HubSpot community - it is now possible to log calls or send emails without completing tasks while running a task queue!




Thanks for the feedback here and let us know if there is any other questions/feedback. 


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I’m afraid it’s still the same :(--


Same here


yes, I need this back as well, only want to log call, I DO NOT WANT TO COMPLETE TASK


We are experiencing it also and it's been very frustrating that it is like this now.  I hate that it now makes you complete the task, we want to leave it open.  This was not like this when we first started with hub spot and now a bunch of our tasks were closed out and our sales guys didn't realize they were doing it.   Can we get rid of the "Log call and complete task button"  and just go back to log call?  I don't want to open up another task.


This is still an issue for our workflow. Is it currently possible to log a call or email without completing the task?