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Log activity without completing task

It would be very convenient to be able to log activities under a contact which you have a task scheduled for without having to complete the task at the same time.  This would allow ease of updating / moving tasks without having to create a new task every time you want to log an activity.  Significant time saver.  Thanks.


It has been 3 years from first report of this error and still not fixed!!! It creates havoc in tasks! What are you doing about it?!!! Why soooo loooooong???

I agree with this comment! Why isn't this fixed yet? No one has taken any action to fix the issue HubSpot has caused!

This issue is really affecting us. We have multiple people actioning activities within a client record and this results in others accidentally completing off tasks for other people. This issue has been ongoing for a really long time now, is there not any way that it can be addressed?

Surely we should be able to just log an activity and not mark a task as completed or as suggested have this as an option to do so?
We do not use HubSpot to make phone calls. This option does appear when sending an email but it doesn't for other activities.

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It would be great if someone could have a look at this. Currently it's not possible to log an activity without automatically closing the task whilst working on a task queue.


For example, when my task is to make a call to the customer but I first want to log some notes within the contact, I have to leave the task queue to do that.


This is my second time commenting on this and I really wish something could be done about this. I just attempted to add an informational Note to a Company record that has 1 pending task and cannot add the Note without completing the task. Initially I thought this was because the task was assigned to me, so I reassigned it to the correct employee and still cannot add a Note without completing a task systematically for my co-worker. This is completely ineffective, PLEASE fix this!


Being able to add a note to a task WITHOUT completing the task needs to happen! My team would like to be able to give updates on a task without having to close the task and then create a new one, OR add the note then go back in and "un-complete" the task to get the note on there. 


Also, if there was a way to set the task queue up to match more like contacts/companies/tickets, I think that being able to add notes onto it would work with more ease than how it is set up currently. 




Any update on this? The thread stretches back to 2020 and no update or fix. Hugely impactful


It's a deal breaker for me and my team.  We are in the process of migrating to HubSpot, but based solely upon this lack of function I will give it a thumbs down.  


Still waiting to be able to add notes without having to complete the task. Leaving a comment to be kept in the loop on any developments!


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This is very frustrating and very confusing UI, especially when the object you're adding a note to is unrelated to the task in context.


Upvote. Need the ability to log a note without it automatically completing the task while working on a task. 


This issue continues to affect me as well.  We need the ability to "Log Call" without it closing the open task.  The button in the "Log Call" activity window only provides the option to "Log Call and Complete Task".  It does not matter what type of task it is, nor how the task was originally setup.  Hubspot consistently wants to close the task when a call is logged, which is not a realistic or efficient workflow for many of us.  Please fix this issue, which stems back many years.





Coming up to the 4-year anniversary of this topic, and though it seems unlikely anything will be changed at this point I will add my voice to the choir for whatever it's worth; this would be extremely helpful and it frankly boggles the mind that this was ever the intended behaviour at any stage of development. 


This is perhaps the most frustrating issue with HubSpot I've experienced and it affects me daily. It's perplexing that this has not been adressed - I sometime wonder if this thread is somehow hidden, as why would it not be taken resolved.? It can't be that complicated surely?


Come on HubSpot - please fix this!!!!!


Side note on this thread - twice in the last week I have encountered this issue (still SUPER frustrating) when there were not any open tasks to complete. The button still said "Save and complete task". I have not noticed this until recently.


We have this issue when working with tasks. If we try to add a note to a task the only option is to "save note and complete task". We want to save the not but, not complete the task. The Hubspot suggested workaround of leaving the note outside the task tools is not efficient within our client success workflow.