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Log activity without completing task

It would be very convenient to be able to log activities under a contact which you have a task scheduled for without having to complete the task at the same time.  This would allow ease of updating / moving tasks without having to create a new task every time you want to log an activity.  Significant time saver.  Thanks.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community,


Thank you for all the continued feedback on this issue. I'm updating this from 'Delivered' to 'Being Reviewed' as I can see from a number of comments in the issue that it is still not possible to complete the 'Log call' action without also completing a Task. The initial update that was delivered only allows for Calls to be completed separately from Task completion if you are making the Call from the HubSpot CRM... IE: when using the 'Call' function rather than the 'Log a call' function. 


We are reveiwing this issues in 2 ones.


1. We are reviewing the concept of "Connecting" Tasks to Activities such as Calls and Emails at a larger scale, and decisions made here could potentially resolve this issue as a result. 

2. We are reviewing this issue directly in the event that we cannot solve the larger issues related to the interplay between Tasks + Activities, in which case we would provide a similar solution to what you see for the exsiting solution when making a Call directly from HubSpot.


I'll continue to review comments as they come in. One question I am curious about at the moment - when creating these Tasks intiially, are you also having issues with the fact that these Tasks always default to the 'Call' functionality (to call directly from the CRM)? Would a better solution include an additional option to create a 'Log call' task as opposed to a 'Call' task? 



This is great news it'll help reoganise thousands of tickets into tasks for us if it can be done. There should simply be a check box next to the button to complete a call log, that says "complete task", which you can then untick or tick and it stays that way until you change it again. (kinda like in email)


In terms of defaulting to call or log call, no major difference for us - we can't call from Hubspot because we're using it in developing countries like Cambodia and Bangladesh and Hubspot doesn' offer calling there - we would LOVE to make calls from HS - but we don't really notice an issues with log call vs. place call maybe as a result of that limitation.


Upvoting this. My team needs to be able to create Notes, Log Calls, Send Emails, etc within a contact record that has an associated task WITHOUT having to also mark the task as complete. Right now, if a task is associated to a record, we cannot create Notes, Log Calls, Send Emails, etc within that record without also completing the assocated tasks. this is a huge issue for our daily workflow. Thanks


The fact that adding a note automatically completes the task is one of the most stupid things I have come across on HubSpot - it's over a year since this issue was raised and it still hasn't been fixed. This would be like my kettle turning itself off because I leave the kitchen and it assumes I no longer want a hot drink. That's the best analogy I can come up with, sorry.


@CarlosM, I 100% agree. The fact that this is still an issue is mind-boggling. We have workflows based on task completion, and not having this option means that deals are getting moved around when they shouldn't be moving. 


Anyone using HubSpot task manager, which is an excellent product, for sales tasks will quickly discover that requiring a task to be completed when trying to enter a note on a record with an active task associated with it is a huge PiTA. Please get this reviewed and fixed asap. 


Regarding your question @glencornell , the best option would be to include a setting that allows users to choose what they prefer to be the default task type. Whatever is the quickest is best solutinon. I suspect it is nothing more than a few lines of code that can be removed. So far I have not had complaints about the default being call.


This is absolutely critical for us. If a call is made and not connected, we need to keep the task to remind to call later. Or in the case of quarterly calls, we want to keep the task and change the due date. Why is this basic functionality missing? It seems like it was available at some point and now it's not. 


There has been an update recently and now when we work in a task queue, it's not possible to call someone using hubspot calls without completing the task. That's super annoying, because we always have to create a new task when we didn't reach the customer on the phone.

Please take a look into this again. The recent changes did make it worse for us. We want to be able to call someone without having to complete the task.



Would love to see the option to be able to log activities for a contact (like a call) with a task scheduled without having to complete the task at the same time.  This current system is very inefficient.  Any updates on this?  I see it's "being reviewed" as of July 2022, but not much info since then.




Need the ability to Log a Note without it automatically completing the task. 


Cette problèmatique très handicapante au quotidien a été remonté en 2021 et aujourd'hui toujours aucune solution apportée c'est bien dommage.